The Right Side of the Force

I just bought a new white helmet to go with my new white bike. Matching is extremely important to me.

But the more I look at this stark white helmet, the more I feel like I’m ready to play a stormtrooper.

Straight out of the Star Wars universe. But, I’m one of the good girls, right?

May the Force, and peace, be with you.

From my personal collection.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

18 thoughts on “The Right Side of the Force”

  1. So….another day with nothing to write about ?…….here are some potential topics for you

    1) how handsome I am
    2) the Ca. fires
    3) what a catch I am
    4) Trump …the end of the world,
    5) my many talents
    6) Trump…the end of the world

    you are welcome

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    1. I absolutely had nothing to write about. Trying to keep my head in the sand. It feels safer there. Topics 1, 3, and 5 sound like you want me to write your profile. Only you can do that.


  2. Nice bike! The helmet is perfect! Even a storm trooper figured out the Dark Side wasn’t the right side. Plenty of Trump supporters have changed sides. Hope it’s enough in November! May the force be with us!!! 😉

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      1. Well, I’m no princess so Leia is out. I’m not a whiny ass so Skywalker is out. No stormtrooper. I can be R2D2 and you can be C3PO. I’m sure when we get side by side, the proportions will be about right! LOL!!!

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