Snapshot #170

I panicked when I realized I hadn’t taken a picture for the blog today. Fortunately, the subject needn’t be deep, just close at hand.  I call this one, “My Left Foot, Not the Film, the Appendage.” (Note the bandage. I believe I was bitten by a radioactive spider and will soon develop super powers, or not.)



poured the cabernet then poured out my heart
tongue loosened by a crush of grapes
uncorked, unbottled, unstoppered
all the metaphors for letting go

once begun there was no cessation
only an endless stream of oak-tinted red fueling grief-stricken confidences

three glasses in, laughter trickles from somewhere
i never knew there was a spider’s web in the lower left chamber of my heart, but hilarity precedes sadness and another pour goes ’round

spin little spider, spin.