Freak Out

A succession of banana spiders has spun webs on one corner of Doright Manor for the past few months. We’ve watched as the web grew and evolved as each patient female passed on her creation to the next in line.

I believe we were on the fourth in the lineage, and the once meager web now stretched from one side of the driveway to the other. Truly, it was a work of art. Until it wasn’t. Until I somehow forgot about the freaking web and walked right through it this morning.

Imagine me, engrossed in reading a bit of mail I’d retrieved from the mailbox, blithely strolling from the porch to the garage when the unmistakable sticky filaments plastered against my face, my hair, my glasses, my arms. I screamed and launched into the Oh Hell No dance hoping to shake loose the mama arachnid who might be about to deliver her painful bite at any moment. I think I was successful, but two hours post-encounter I still imagine she’s lurking nearby.

Not one of ours, but this is what a banana spider looks like. Beautiful, but their bites are extremely painful.

Worst of all I feel horrible about destroying her web. Hoping she won’t seek revenge.

Peace, people!

Snapshot #170

I panicked when I realized I hadn’t taken a picture for the blog today. Fortunately, the subject needn’t be deep, just close at hand.  I call this one, “My Left Foot, Not the Film, the Appendage.” (Note the bandage. I believe I was bitten by a radioactive spider and will soon develop super powers, or not.)



poured the cabernet then poured out my heart
tongue loosened by a crush of grapes
uncorked, unbottled, unstoppered
all the metaphors for letting go

once begun there was no cessation
only an endless stream of oak-tinted red fueling grief-stricken confidences

three glasses in, laughter trickles from somewhere
i never knew there was a spider’s web in the lower left chamber of my heart, but hilarity precedes sadness and another pour goes ’round

spin little spider, spin.

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