Last Year’s Greatest Hits Countdown: Number Four

The blog post that came in at number four this year was already an oldie when 2020 rolled around. Written in 2014, much of its lingering popularity must be due to the inclusion of the word ‘sexual’ in the title. A smarter me would find a way to work some form of the root word ‘sex’ into every single blog post.

Join me in looking back at a seemingly innocent song that’s just chock full of fun—Roller Skates and Sexual Innuendo.

Peace, people!

Brand New Pair of Roller Skates

This song came on my 70’s station this morning and reminded me of an old post:

Okay, back to my writing the novel.

Peace, people!

Sex Sells

The link above will take you to one of my most liked blog posts. Honestly, it’s not that it’s a terrific post, but the title includes the word “sex” and that makes all the difference.

Note to self: work the word sex into every single title from now on

Peace, people.