Minimalist Challenge, Day 18

No rhyme or reason to today’s purge, just 18 pieces of clutter. Oh, some were useful once upon a time, but the coupons expired last year and the night lights lost their ability to repel the darkness many moons ago.

The cat toys are all ones that never were played with. The only toys our cats, Patches and Scout, like are catnip stuffed mice and a stick with fluffy feathers on it. I tried to get them interested in chasing the tennis ball, but they gave me a look that clearly said, “Mom, we aren’t golden retrievers.”

I’ll recycle the phone book and the other paper items, but I’m afraid the remainder of today’s stash is going to the dumpster. Unless someone needs a monkey bank. I’ll send it if you think it’ll make all your dreams come true. No money is included.

Unrealistic Expectations

Fifty-nine is such an awkward age. In my mind I’m a slender twenty-something, long slender legs, perky breasts, etc., etc. In reality, I’m a slightly overweight, almost 60 year-old grandmother with an expanding waistline and flabby upper arms. 

Sometimes my mind orders clothes off the internet that my reality can’t wear. Take these lovely skirts from Darn Good Yarn:

 Made from recycled saris, they’re reversible and pretty much one-size-fits-all. My mind was so sure I was going to look like a bohemian darling. My reality said, “Nope. Nope. Nope.”

So now what? I guess I could take them to a consignment shop, but I’m not crazy about either of the ones I know about in Tallahassee. Maybe I could have someone make pillows out of them? 

Next time my mind tries to talk me into something like this I’m going to tell it to take a hike. But then, maybe it already has.

Peace, people!