Just Okay

Yesterday I got my hair cut really short. It’s so short that even my meager styling skills are sufficient to keep my hair looking okay.

I’m good with just okay. If I had any thoughts of entering a beauty pageant in the future I’d need to have higher personal beauty standards, but that boat sailed, and sank, many years ago.

Studly Doright dated a beauty pageant winner before he started dating me. She dumped him, and for a long time I agonized about being just okay knowing his previous girlfriend was a beauty. I wore my inferiority complex like a consolation prize badge.

Studly and I even double dated with the beauty queen and her boyfriend, further complicating and elevating my complex. I was a mess.

I used to fantasize about being a great beauty, or failing that, that my sparkling personality might at least earn me a Miss Congeniality nod in a pageant. Sadly, my personality is just okay, as well.

Maybe I could’ve won the Miss Magic Marker pageant. My fine motor skills are decent, and I’d be fine with someone printing large M’s on my tatas. Alas, I was born too late.

Now, if there was a Miss Procrastination pageant, I’d be all over that.

I’ve excelled at procrastinating long enough to write this blog post. Time to go back to being just okay.

Peace, people!

The Queen of Procrastination

Somewhere in the great
Kingdom of Almost Never,
next to nothing,
yet close to everything,
lives a mighty ruler:
the much lauded,
but seldom celebrated
Queen of Procrastination.

Her intentions are worthy,
her heart quite pure yet
between her needs and
her deeds, her urges and
surges, her beginnings and
endings lie many
debilitating can’t be dones,
buts, and what ifs.

The Queen of Procrastination
goes out of her way
to explore every option
in the name of delay.
The kingdom keeps running
just barely, at best
the knights aren’t lazy
but they aren’t full of zest.