Platypus Pondering

ok people, i was feeling silly. indulge me.

platypus satypus
the top of a red
double decker bus
contemplating his
fatypus at the end
of the daytypus.

what am i?
pondered platypus,
feeling all sadypus.
a fish or a
mammalpus? the
answers aren’t
clear to us.


well, look
countered buffalo
you have live
young, you know
you nurse them,
too, so you’re
a mammalo.


Peace, people!

High Horse


Are you only passing through
Or will you stay for awhile?
Either way get off your
High horse and come
Dance with my friends and me
Drink some good wine
Tell us a story and
Sing us a song.

I can’t tell you how much
We enjoy new folks like you
And your horse, Stanley, is
Pretty cool, too.
Tell me, does he dance?
Neigh, neigh, but he
Reigns supreme in
Hay rides and parlor games.

If you decide to move on,
Could I maybe go, too?
My travels have been
Brief and far too few.
That depends, ma’am,
He grinned as he said,
On Stanley, you see he’d
Have to carry both me and you.



What Are We Doing Here?

Every now and then I feel like I’m on the verge of being able to answer the great ‘meaning of life’ questions.

I mean, the answers are right on the tip of my brain. It’s as if I once knew these answers, but someone has hidden them from me.

Like when you have an incredible dream that floats away in a mist before you can write down the details of how a cow spoke to you in a foreign language, like Lebanese or Taiwanese or some other -ese while massaging your temples.

I ponder these questions often: Why are we here? What is our purpose? How do I program one remote control to manage all of the functions I require?

Perhaps, if I assume the lotus position, fast for three days, and focus all of my attention on these questions I will at some time in the future be able to answer the first two. The third is well beyond my comprehension, now and forever, but that’s why I have grandchildren.

Peace, People!