The Colt’s Concern (reblog)

This is another of my collaborative pieces with photographer Julie Powell. I just love her artwork. Be sure to click the link to also have access to Julie’s site. Thanks!

Time (A Collaboration with Julie Powell)

Be sure to click on Julie’s link (below) to get the big picture. It’s gorgeous!


Time doesn’t count,
Unless you’re counting on time
To heal a broken heart or
Comfort the mourning soul.

Feel the watch’s weight,
Note the imprint in the pocket.
Time waits for no one,
Yet claims everyone.

This fob in my hand
Its heft, the smooth silver
A metronome in the round
Time’s own keeper.

Before We Were Kings

Photographic Art by Julie Powell

“Before We Were Kings”

by Leslie Noyes

Before we were kings, we slept half the day rising at noon for our breakfast.

Before we wore robes, we frolicked like fools behaving as if it would all last

We snuggled and snuffled, snorted and sang, trumpeting our joy to the masses

And no one chastised us lest we succumb to a crippling, pachyderm sadness.

Oh! It was roll, roll, tumble and flow until the grand day of our crowning

Now we sit tall, on thrones one and all solemnly judging and scowling.

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Call and Response

Photographic art by Julie Powell

Call and Response

words by Leslie Noyes

Time ceases to exist
When the old man speaks
Yet trembles when he listens.

Draw nearer, friend
Better for him to hear
Above the fray and frenzy.

Whisper loudly, for he is
Stone deaf and ancient
Beyond our reckoning

His tears flow like cold sap
Weighted with the detritus
Of aging arteries

But, flow they do in silent
Sympathy with all that has
Befallen man, and all that is to come.

No platitudes forthcoming
Today he listens only.
Tomorrow, he may speak in tongues.

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Small One

Art by Julie Powell

“Small One”

words by Leslie Noyes

Precious is this tender life with which we’ve been entrusted.

Within every whispered sigh, every tender flutter lies the question:

Will sanctuary be offered through all the trials of time? 

My breath is yours. My heart has your name inscribed.

But, life is fleeting, How can such solemn promises be kept?

Hold fast. Cling with heart and hand, in sickness, in health.

And when we expire? What becomes of our love then?

Energy refuses mortal boundaries and so remains.

Keep me then; I am yours, you are mine, and our ends untimed.

Precious is this tender life with which we’ve been entrusted.

This poem is the latest in my collaboration with photographer, Julie Powell. Please visit Julie’s site for more of her beautiful work:

Wise One


“Wise One” photo by Julie Powell
“Wise One”
by Leslie Noyes

Speak to me in weighted words, of life and love and pain,

Grant me wisdom for the journey; sing to me your wise refrain.

Oh Artemis, sear through my soul, expose my every fear,

And I will soar past all who hinder, by your guidance steer.

Take flight and leave me desolate, a weakling in your wake,

Or remain and offer counsel while so much remains at stake.

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Lotus Flower

This is another one of my collaborative efforts with Julie Powell.  

“Lotus Flower” by Julie Powell

“Lotus Flower Muse”
by Leslie Noyes

Fully formed
In Mind, as well
As in Flesh
and Bone.
Risen in Joy
Supplicant of
None save Life

No meekly made
Maiden from
Mortal womb
Nor yet from
Buddha has she
Sprung this

Softness and

Entwined in
Supple Limbs.
Fruit of
Lotus claims
Rebirth as
Her gift.

Love this photo? Check out Julie Powell’s blog on WordPress:


I couldn’t wait to share this inaugural piece of a collaborative effort between my blogging friend, Julie Powell, and me:
Julie and I are matching my poetry with her gorgeous photography. She’s the brains behind the Spark link above. I am in awe of how wonderful our first piece looks.

Check out more of Julie’s photography at and watch for future pieces from our joint effort. I’m so pumped!

Peace, people!