From a Beatles’ Song

Is today misspent

If tomorrow never knows

And yesterday’s gone?

Often I wonder

What reward is forthcoming

For surviving now

While demagogues rant

And keep children in cages

While walls divide us

I was listening to the radio yesterday afternoon and heard a reference to the Beatles’ song “Tomorrow Never Knows.” I had to pull over to listen and to jot down the first part of this poem that came to me in an instant.


A million voices multiplied
Who will Trump have crucified?
Vote third party, risk it all
Watch our country in free fall.
Soothe a conscience so betrayed
Bernie laid it out, dismayed
Until we all perceive the threat
And rally round our candidate.
We suffer from our hubris grand
And so will fall in hate’s last stand.

When God Speaks

When God speaks I hear
Love others as yourself
Judge not
Fear not

When some hear God
They say He wants them to
Run for office
Exclude others

I really doubt that’s
God talking.

The Corners


Standing on the corner
Of Hate and Paranoia
Hanging high, a banner
Around me, phobic patter

Blame those with darker skin!
Attack those you think sin!
Do it in the name of God!
Forget that He commanded love!

Easy to go with the flow
Buoyed by their anger’s tow
So many souls kept in thrall
To xenophobic clarion call.

But one block further down
Folks rejoice in sweetness found
Freedom reigns one street east
On the corner of Joy and Peace.


 Peace, people.

Pride and Petulance

grounded in
shared stories,
this one
because it is true:
a family torn
asunder by

masquerading as
bandaging wounds
that we refuse
to let mend
retribution in
place of healing.

I Am Convinced

Love is the best
Four letter word.
I can tolerate
F-bombs and
Damn, hell and
Dang and S-H-I-T.
But hate, no doubt,
Hate is the worst.
Hate robs and steals,
Lies and deforms.
Hate starts wars and
Ends compassion,
Hate aggravates,
Exacerbates, harms,
Is it fair to say I
Hate hate, or is
Hate too strong a
Four letter word?