When God Speaks


When God speaks I hear
Love others as yourself
Judge not
Fear not

When some hear God
They say He wants them to
Run for office
Exclude others

I really doubt that’s
God talking.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

18 thoughts on “When God Speaks”

  1. I think that chap needs a top notch psychiatrist as a matter of urgency…or, in the alternative if he recorded said God chat a bit of a chat with him on his cell phone thing think of the cash he make selling the rights to his recording! The Pope would be jealous of course!

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      1. If they did it would rather through my atheism out the window! Do you know what Leslie politics is something all of us who are interested in should, just sometimes, actually enjoy following the goings on. Here, there, everywhere ‘politics’ is bringing me down! Worrying…I’d still like you to send Bernie over to run our Labour Party though…he’d make a bloody good fist of it in my view!

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      2. He would be the perfect fit over here – more so given the idiot who not that long ago got to lead the Labour Party. US doesn’t really need socialism like Europe does. I think I may have mentioned before, you’ve never had Divine Right monarchs, despotic leaders and a brow beaten peasantry etc. Whereas, in these parts we have and hence socialism exists!

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      3. Most worrisome right now for me is the rabidity of Bernie’s hardcore followers. They’ve vowed to write him in if he isn’t the Democratic party’s nominee, and that could result in a Trump presidency. I’m going to be cursing and drinking a lot.

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      4. Certainly the Democrats must, even if it means prostitution of ideals, do anything they can to ensure Trump fails…do you not think someone might put a gun to good use and…well…perhaps…maybe!


      5. Who needs The Brothers Grimm when you have The Brothers Bush (not that I rate either yet at least they don’t support Trump)! I do rather fear for Trump on his proposed visit to the UK soon – he really isn’t wanted here.

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