The Fear Gremlin

There are nights when I lie awake, terrified for what the future might hold. Tomorrow is a gremlin crouching in dark 

Corners, his fingers wrapped around all the possibilities. There are madmen in charge of our security: liars and mobsters and

Thieves, that some hailed as saviors. But now, those of us who’ve studied history know we’ve crossed lines that may

Never be uncrossed. Who will save us from the gremlin? Who will pry his bony digits from our lives? Only we can save ourselves.

A Profound Thought from an Ordinary Mind

One of the greatest inventions of my lifetime is the frost-free refrigerator.

My children will never know the agony of working for an entire day to melt and chip the rock hard accumulation of ice in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator. I only had to tackle this chore as a youngster when Mom got it into her head that it could be put off no longer. 

I hated defrosting. I’d slosh hot water on my hands as I carried bowls full between sink and fridge. Then my fingers would stick to the ice and little pieces of skin would be left behind. And the cold, the bitter cold. No wonder I never had aspirations of becoming an arctic explorerer.

In the future there will be those who perform historical reenactments for the entertainment and edification of schoolchildren on field trips. Surely the freezer defrosting demonstration will result in the most oohs and aahs and expressions of outright disbelief.

“How barbaric!” the children will cry. 

Of course that’s before they get to the dial-up modem demo.

Peace, people!