No Rest

I woke up this morning

In a mess of confusion

No rest for the wicked

The righteous can wait.

Dreams I’ve been dreaming

Don’t stop when I’m waking,

I only know sweetness

When I’m not feeling pain.

And I swear

There is hope

Sweet, sweet love

All around me.

The evidence abounds

In the kindness we do.

So why the confusion?

Why all the great worry?

Sweet salvation awaits

Just step out in the rain.


High Horse


Are you only passing through
Or will you stay for awhile?
Either way get off your
High horse and come
Dance with my friends and me
Drink some good wine
Tell us a story and
Sing us a song.

I can’t tell you how much
We enjoy new folks like you
And your horse, Stanley, is
Pretty cool, too.
Tell me, does he dance?
Neigh, neigh, but he
Reigns supreme in
Hay rides and parlor games.

If you decide to move on,
Could I maybe go, too?
My travels have been
Brief and far too few.
That depends, ma’am,
He grinned as he said,
On Stanley, you see he’d
Have to carry both me and you.



Merry Christmas


With all of my
From my
Head to my
I wish you a
Filled with
Peace, and

Joy in the
Peace in our
Love for all
These wishes are

May God bless you
And keep you
And yours
Safe and warm
All through this
Day and the
Year yet to

Merry Christmas
With love,
From Nana (Leslie) and Studly (David)

I See You

I see you
Behind me in the
Checkout line at
You have two items to buy
I have a cart full.
I wonder, if I wave you
Ahead of me in line
Will you then wonder if I only
Made the move because
Your skin is brown and
Mine is white and I feel the
Need to show you that
I Am Not Like “Those”
Those who shoot
First and are
Not indicted later.
Those who hide
Behind a
Badge or a
Law that says
“Stand Your Ground”
Even when that
Ground is a
Public space, but
I Am White
You Are Not.
How can I
Prove my
Convince you
I am
Not the enemy
When time
Please, I smile
I’m in no
You go
You smile back
A thank you.
I promise, this is
Something I’d have
Done regardless of the
Colors of our skin.


Weekend To-Do List

My weekends are so stressful.

Sleep in (way past eight)

Snuggle with cats (won’t that be great?)

Feed cats (tuna flavored treats)

Shower (scrub my feets)

Eat (the most important meal)

Do Laundry (regardless of how I feel)

Drive (to the nearest town)

Shop (time to lose that frown)

Eat (wherever I want)

Nap (wait! I forgot to drive home!)

Movie (am I still asleep?)

Eat (I’m so confused)

Feed cats (again?)

Read (did I ever undress?)

Sleep (finally.)

Repeat (with less stress)


You Are My Density

The meat in my sandwich
The cold in my ice
The onions in my taco
The dots on my dice.

The biscuit ‘neath my gravy
The tootsie in my roll
The water in my ocean
The statistics in my poll.

The sand in my bucket
The flowers in my vase
The chocolate in my chip
The smile on my face.

Love you, Studly.

Peace, People!


Rudderless Horse

Playing with words:

A rudderless horse
A riderless ship
A butterbug and a ladyfly
Two conepines and a pinlinch
A bump that goes “thing” in the night
Beaver eagers and fly soxes.
As for Jomeo and Ruliette
A nose by any other name would still smell.

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Waking Up Is Hard To Do

I got two hours of sleep last night. Maybe two and a quarter. My husband, Studly Doright, who by the way doesn’t have sleep apnea (we had him tested) snored all night long. And when I say he snored I mean he:

And mmmphhed

All night long.

There was never any pattern to the cacophony. He usually maintains some sort of almost hypnotic, metronomic rhythm that allows me to slip into sleep. But not last night. Just as a tango was established he’d switch to a rumba, then to a cha cha. There might have been a salsa thrown in, too. I would have loved a minuet, but that never happened.

I moved to another bedroom around 3:40 a.m. The cats found that amusing and wanted to play. I must have fallen asleep at some point, only to have Studly wake me up to kiss me goodbye when he left for work at 6. How very considerate of him. Thank you sir, may I have another?

Normally I’d have had the luxury of snuggling under my covers after Studly left for work, but I’d promised to meet an acquaintance at a fitness center for an early morning aerobics class. I went, and held on through most of the class, but I might have fallen asleep during the cool down. There was a trickle of drool on my yoga mat. I just hope I didn’t snore.

Peace, People

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