Today is the First Day of the Rest of Something

Yesterday I had an upper endoscopy and learned that I have a dire condition known as LUQ. Before you begin sending condolences I have to admit that’s just another term for “bellyache.”

Sheesh. I could’ve told them that without going through the fasting and discomfort associated with an upper endoscopy. Although, to be honest, the discomfort was minor and mostly consisted of me being a bit chilly until the nurse placed a warmed blanket over me.

I probably had an ulcer, but if so it healed before the procedure, and now I just have some inflammation in the abdominal area. I have to lay off dairy products for two weeks while also taking a good probiotic (the doctor kind of made fun of my gummy probiotics) and Citrucel.

Color me relieved. I’m proud of my LUQ diagnosis. Hoping I can milk it for a good long time. It’ll have to be almond or soy milk though. (Any tips on dairy free diets are welcome.)

Peace, people!

Why Do They Call it Fasting When it Goes so Slowly?

Three days in a row now I’ve had to fast for a morning procedure. Once for blood work, once for an ultrasound, and again this morning for an endoscopy. It occurred to me yesterday as I was having some kind of gel smeared on my abdomen that “fasting” is an odd word for a process that seems to drag on forever. Shouldn’t it be called “agonizing” or “slow mo deprivation?”

I decided to look up the meaning of fasting as it pertains to food. People fast for religious reasons as a means of showing restraint or abstention. Basically it means to hold fast or firm against the temptations of food, to be immovable in one’s resolve. Okay. I can get behind that. I just wish there was a way to make fasting go faster.

Send me some good vibes this morning. I’m hoping the doctor finds what’s causing my gastric distress so I won’t have to fast any more for a good long while.

Peace, people.