Today is the First Day of the Rest of Something

Yesterday I had an upper endoscopy and learned that I have a dire condition known as LUQ. Before you begin sending condolences I have to admit that’s just another term for “bellyache.”

Sheesh. I could’ve told them that without going through the fasting and discomfort associated with an upper endoscopy. Although, to be honest, the discomfort was minor and mostly consisted of me being a bit chilly until the nurse placed a warmed blanket over me.

I probably had an ulcer, but if so it healed before the procedure, and now I just have some inflammation in the abdominal area. I have to lay off dairy products for two weeks while also taking a good probiotic (the doctor kind of made fun of my gummy probiotics) and Citrucel.

Color me relieved. I’m proud of my LUQ diagnosis. Hoping I can milk it for a good long time. It’ll have to be almond or soy milk though. (Any tips on dairy free diets are welcome.)

Peace, people!