Nothing Else Matters

Metallica was never a band whose songs were included on my playlist. Try as I might, I was unable to develop a taste for their hard-driving brand of rock. Then just this week I heard Miley Cyrus perform a cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters, and now I am obsessed with the song.

Once I’d listened to Miley’s version I had Alexa play the original. Oh. My. It’s gorgeous. Hauntingly beautiful. Who knew Metallica could pull off such a restrained and heart-rending song?

Now, to add another layer to the mix, as I drove home to Doright Manor from Tallahassee on Saturday afternoon I heard the now familiar opening lyrics “So close no matter how far” emanating from my radio. Only this time it was a cover by country star Chris Stapleton. I adore Chris Stapleton, and his version is oh so good.

I went from not knowing the song at all to having three different, incredible versions on a playlist of its own. And if I’m being honest, the original is my favorite. Finally at my advanced age of almost 65 I’ve developed an affinity for Metallica. Will wonders never cease?

Fairly recent photo of Metallica. Guess I’m not the only one aging. They still look good and sound great, though.

Peace and Rock On, People.

A Chris Stapleton Kind of Day

When I write I need background noise. When I edit I need silence. But I’m stuck on a problem in editing and trying to do some rewriting. So, which do I choose—music or silence?

I flipped a coin, with heads designated for music and tails for silence. It only took three tries for me to get the results I wanted, so music it is.

Now Chris Stapleton’s seductive voice is emanating from my Amazon Echo and instead of writing or editing, I’ve been dancing around the kitchen. I really should write, but not while a waltz is playing. That’d be a sin.

Peace, people!

Tales from the Salon

Remember the film, Steel Magnolias, and how life for a group of women in a small southern town revolved around the goings on in a beauty parlor? If you’ve never seen the movie or the play, I highly recommend it. Or you could just come visit me and I’ll take you to the salon I patronize in Blountstown, Florida. You’d get the gist of the movie pretty quickly. I love this salon and the women who work there.

Blountstown took a big hit from Hurricane Michael, and I wasn’t sure G, the owner, would be open for business yet. I called the salon on Tuesday and one of the stylists assured me they were operating as usual. I drove the 40-something miles down Florida’s backroads noting how much more damage was evident the further south and west I got from Tallahassee. Way more trees were down and many more roofs were damaged. Several buildings were completely gone with only foundations remaining.

The salon was hopping when I arrived and I waited as G finished blow drying a customer’s hair. G is something of an artist and I love to watch her work. Of course most of the talk centered on what folks had experienced during the storms. One of the stylists, B, lost her home in the hurricane, while another, R, had very little damage to hers. G’s came through the storm fine, but there were some near misses at the salon.

All three of the ladies came back to work at the salon as soon as they could after Michael, shampooing hair for free for those who had no electricity at their homes. Now, that’s pure southern comfort.

When it was my turn in the chair we talked about the new version of “A Star is Born.” None of them had seen it, so I gave them my take on the movie. Actually we discussed Bradley Cooper and which of us were meant to be with him. I’m pretty sure I won that argument simply because I’m writing this post, and I get to be the heroine of my own story.

B said she’d prefer country singer Chris Stapleton anyway, because in her words, “He looks like he’d smell like diesel and dirt.” That should be the title of a country song, right?

Talk came back around to the storm and a day when the ladies were doing their free shampoos. R said, “There was a woman in here who said things had gotten so bad at her house during the hurricane that she’d sat in a corner with her Bible and her beads.”

B said, “And when my client heard that she whispered, ‘Does she mean anal beads?'”

I guffawed. B continued, “We don’t get a lot of Catholics ’round here!” Obviously not.

After G worked her magic, I paid, leaving feeling lighter than I had in days. And not just because of my haircut.

Peace, people!


I am having a love affair with country singer/songwriter, Chris Stapleton. Now Chris isn’t aware of this, but Studly Doright is, so nobody’s feelings are in danger of being hurt. 

Every morning Chris serenades me while I shower and dress for work or play. His music keeps me company as I complete chores around the house or sit out on the screened in porch. 

I own two copies of his Traveler cd, one for the house and another for my car, and his is the first name up on my Pandora playlist. My favorites off the cd are Tennessee Whiskey and Traveler, but Parachute comes in near the top these days. 

I’m especially fond of the chorus:

You only need a roof when it’s raining
You only need a fire when it’s cold
You only need a drink when the whiskey
Is the only thing that you have left to hold
Sun comes up and goes back down
And falling feels like flying till you hit the ground
Say the word and I’ll be there for you
Baby, I will be your parachute

Maybe you should listen:

Peace, people.

I’m a Traveller

I seldom buy recorded music, but recently I purchased a cd by country singer Chris Stapleton. Seriously, this is good stuff. If you like your music with an infusion of whisky, I highly recommend Chris.
I don’t think there’s a bad cut on the cd. Tennessee Whisky is my favorite, though. Won’t you pour a glass of your favorite beverage and join me? Care to dance?