Snapshot #210

Yesterday (Sunday) was nuts. Studly Doright and I took the Texas grandkids and their friend, Sophia, to Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Georgia. I was too worn out from all the fun and heat last night to write a blog post, and this morning I have to get the crew up to catch their flight out of Panama City. A single snapshot is all I have time to post today.

I call this one, “The Trouble with Butterflies.” Darn thing wouldn’t stand still.

Peace, people.

Snapshot #180

My gardening skills are limited, at best, but on Saturday morning I attended a workshop at a local nursery and bought three plants that are supportive of monarch butterflies. Today, I planted them and since I cannot for the life of me remember what types of plants they are I call this one, “Larry, Moe, and Curly.”

Saturday Wanderings

On Saturday morning Studly Doright played in a golf tournament at Southwood Golf Club. I should have stayed home to do laundry in preparation for our trip to Clearwater Beach, instead I went in search of a gift for the faeries, and drove over to Native Nurseries on Centerville Road (

I’d driven past Native Nurseries a number of times, but since I’m not much of a gardener, I didn’t think there was a reason for me to pull in. Boy, was I wrong! I might be in love.  

 I found some new friends while snapping photos of a staff member relocating caterpillars. Who knew caterpillars were so photogenic?

And I learned a bit about attracting butterflies to my yard:


The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and super helpful, and even though I didn’t spot any faeries, I suspect a great many reside there. Just look at the tiny dragonfly bench I purchased! My faeries are going to love it!

Peace, people!


The Girl and The Butterfly

I wrote this several years ago for our oldest granddaughter, Dominique, and published it last year on WordPress in honor of her birthday. Dominique was three, I believe when the butterfly landed on her outstretched palm, and today she will be 13. Yes, Studly and I are grandparents to a teenager! Happy birthday, Dominique!

The Girl and the Butterfly

One little butterfly, orange and black circled the flowers in the summer garden.

One little girl, in red, white, and blue, danced around the flowers in the summer garden.

“Here, little butterfly!” called the girl.

But the butterfly flew higher than the girl could jump, and faster than the girl could run.

“Please!” said the girl.

No matter how hard she tried, the girl could not catch the butterfly.

“You must let the butterfly come to you when he is ready,” said Mama.

“I don’t think he will ever be ready,” sighed the little girl.

“Here, sweetheart, I have an idea,” said Mama. “Hold out your hand.”

Mama poured a drop of orange juice into the girl’s hand.

“Now hold out your hand and stay very still.”

The girl did just that.

She waited.
And waited.
And waited.

And would you believe it? The butterfly landed ever so lightly onto the girl’s hand.

The girl smiled at the butterfly, and after sipping the juice, the butterfly smiled back.

Peace, people!