Artsy Fartsy

Every now and again I am struck by the need to create a work of art using my keen eye and able hands. On those occasions I’m usually walking through a Michael’s craft store with a couple of extra bucks in my pocket and a good case of amnesia.

Because no matter how often I purchase paints, or pencils, sketchbooks, or canvases, I am totally incapable of drawing anything more complex than a primary yellow sun with a happy face and straight rays poking out all around. 


Yet I conveniently forget this simple fact over and over again.

There is something about a blank piece of paper that fills me with the burning desire to create. All that’s missing is a bit of talent.

Here’s my newest purchase:  

Notice the beautiful sketchbook? Oh, the possibilities!

Notice the color pencils? They are not sharpened, and I have no sharpener at home.

So, for at least tonight the sketchbook is safe from my fumbling attempts at creating art. I think I just heard a papery sigh of relief.

Peace, people!

Swing Batta

Bottom of the 


Pitcher’s team has a

One run lead.

He spits.

Sunflower seeds,

Shells fly,

On the mound

Surveys the bases

All around

Steps down and

Spits again.

Runners on 

First and second.

No outs.

Top of the order.

No outs!!

Pitcher takes the


Fire in his eyes.

Catcher signals 1,

Moves his glove

Low and inside.

Pitcher nods.

First pitch–

Batter tees off

Catches ball’s

Bottom, pops it

Straight up.

“Infield fly!”

Yells ump,

“Batter’s out!”

Ball dribbles to


Pitcher catches

Runner off second,

Tags him

Trying to get to


Runner from first

Caught in rundown

Between one, three, and


Triple play

Saves the day.

Good game, good game!

Let’s go to Dairy Queen!

Studly and I coached Little League softball and baseball teams for many years. One of the most difficult aspects of the sport for kids to understand is the infield fly rule. 

It took me awhile to understand it, too, but I think I’ve got it now:

If there are fewer than two outs with runners on first and second, or first, second, and third, and a fly ball is hit that can be fielded by a player in the infield, the batter is automatically out and runners advance at their own risk. Basically it’s protection for the runners, but try explaining that to an 8-year-old batter whose ball goes uncaught and is called “out!” Tears often ensue.

In the words of Tom Hanks, 

Peace, People!

Link in the Chain

My link looks very much like the

Links on either side. Weld line

Slightly off-center, but solid;

Strong. Meant to hold fast when

All else fails. The weakest link is

Still much stronger than no link.

Human-forged or machine-made, 

Iron, steel, gold, silver, brass, 

Shared responsibility.  

Crazy Cat

Zip into the kitchen

Stare at your bowl

Meow for a treat


Tear into the living room

Skid on the tile

Take an urgent bath

Spot your tail

Make a run for it

Around and around

Stop and scratch

Behind your ear

Take another bath

Find the highest point

Make the leap

Pace lion-like above the fray

Before jumping from

Counter to floor

Attack your sister

Act alarmed at her hisses

Raise a paw to ward her off

Take another bath

Collapse on the rug



Our cat Patches is an odd mixture of paranoia and sweetness. She’s sure that every thing and everyone is out to get her, but she is convinced that I am her Mama. It’s a pretty cool gig.

Peace, people.

Bourbon Ball Recipe

Dang these sound good! Reblogged from

Shirley's Heaven

a bourbon balls

As promised, here is Shirley’s secret bourbon ball recipe I wrote about in my recent Writing 101 post.

Straight from my sister’s e-mail to me:

The recipe is simple. Here it goes (from memory): 1 stick butter, 1 lb. confectioner’s sugar, 1 cup chopped nuts (soak in bourbon for at least 24 hours up to a couple of weeks – (I’ve gone up to a month before), a pound or so of semi-sweet chocolate squares (doesn’t hurt to have extra), paraffin wax (grated), extra pieces of chopped nuts for tops of candy

• Drain nuts, reserve bourbon.
• Soften butter and mix with confectioner sugar.
• Mix in nuts; add in a tablespoon or 2 of bourbon until you can make balls that will hold together.
• Roll mixture into about 3/4″ balls, putting a toothpick into center of each ball immediately.
• Refrigerate balls until they are firm and…

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Out in west Texas

On the wide open prairie

Thunderstorms are fierce.

From miles far away

One can observe their approach


But in Florida

Surrounded by lush forest

Lightning surprises.

Rains pound all around

Drumming in relentless force

Crashing thunder booms.

There is no telling

When the next crack will occur 

Heart stopping each time. 


Blurry photo of a medium sized turtle. I spoke to him and he scurried back to the safety of the forest.   


Third World?

I. Third World you might say,

Or developing country

Depends on viewpoint.


II. Looking at my world

With fresh eyes and open heart

What might our guests see?

Saint Augustine, FL

III. Our ruins are fresh

Compared with Antigua’s own;

Centuries apart.


IV. Yet ruins abound

And for many life is hard.

Poverty lays claim.

United States

V. Third World existence

Among First World convenience

Which is most honest?