From Studly With Love



Please note that Studly does actually exist; although, he hasn’t quite mastered the spelling of his last name. My very unexpected bouquet of roses is as fragrant as it is beautiful. Studly forgot he’d sent them, so they languished on the porch most of yesterday.

For Studly, I baked his favorite brownies overflowing with walnuts. I added a little something extra for the special day.


Not too shabby, eh?

I hope you have a sweet Valentine’s Day.

Peace, People!

Tequila Mockingbird

I reworked this a bit. It’s amazing all I’ve learned since starting this blog back in July.

Praying for Eyebrowz

Remember the old antacid commercials where an actor would say something along the lines of, “I like tamales, but they don’t like me?” Then the camera would show said actor’s face turning green and his tummy rolling in that special effects thing they do. Well, that’s the relationship I had with tequila. Except that tequila felt more than a dislike for me. It was more of an “I hate you, stupid old woman, and you should die a painful gut-wrenching death” kind of emotion.

I’ve had several run-ins with tequila, but one of the most notable occurred the year I turned 50. To celebrate my milestone birthday I decided to embark on a solo motorcycle trip from our home near Champaign, Illinois, to our son’s home in Dallas. Now, to me that was a big deal. I know other women who have made major solo trips, but I’m not an…

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Some Boys do not Get their Chocolate in Valentine´s Day

I found this post so interesting, and it fits perfectly into my Love Month theme. Plus, translates his posts into Spanish! I hope my make friends get choco this year.

Nagataya Kyoto Japanese Calligraphy, Shodō

Writing 'love' Writing ‘love’

 In Japan the tradition in Valentine´s day is that the girls give chocolates to the boys. There are two types of chocolates this day. One is Giri choco and another is Hon mei choco.

The Giri chocois the chocolate that is given as a courtesy to co-workers, friends, classmates, family, etc.  Just to give good impression, don’t raise too much your hope. It is obvious that the girls are not interested in you. Sometimes the work subordinates give the ‘giri choco’ to the boss just for courtesy, and they make clear ‘this is guiri choco’. My mother and my sister also bought me ‘giri choco’, and it tasted good, I appreciated!

The Hon Mei choco is the chocolate that you give to the boy who you love and sometimes it comes with a love letter or you confess your love when you hand out the chocolate…

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January 23, 2015

Another funny from Pablo at

White Outs

1-23-15 deflategate - color My contribution to DEFLATEGATE. I almost added the line “Mom always says, ‘Don’t play ball in the house'” before I realized that was another episode. If you’d like to view Marsha’s nose meeting the football you can do so here. If you don’t know The Brady Bunch or are unaware of current NFL football controversy…tune back in tomorrow. 🙂

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British and American English: Talking about tea

And now we know! I love this beautiful blog at

Notes from the U.K.

Tea isn’t just a drink here, it’s a meal and a marker of class. (You’ll find lots of those if you know how to look.) If you’re working class, tea is the evening meal and dinner is lunch. If you’re upper class, the evening meal is supper. Are you still with me? You won’t be for long, because A. adds, “But we all say supper now.”

Who’s “we”?

Sorry, you’re on your own there.

Screamingly irrelevant photo. He doesn’t care what the meal’s called.

And in case this isn’t confusing enough, I’ve read that all this turns into its opposite in other parts of the country, so you have to know where someone’s from to know what they’re eating. Or drinking. Or talking about.

Wild thing was on the phone with H. and invited her to stop by for tea after something they were doing together. H. told us later that…

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Say It

Talk to me, friends. I love this piece by John White, blogged on his site Tell me what you think.

DoubleU = W

It’s not so hard to admit,

When you are being honest,

Though it can make you feel weak,

And at another’s mercy.

The grim coldness of it all,

Its utter finality,

A heartless uncaring hand,

Taking you away from here.

Say it:

You, Friend, just like I, fear death.



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Looking American: On culture, nationality, and immigration

Worth a read, my friends. Reblogged from

Notes from the U.K.

A few months ago, M. told me, “You’re looking very”—and here you have to imagine a short pause— “American today.”

When I stopped laughing, I asked what American looked like, and you can insert another, somewhat longer pause before you go on, because he had to think about it. Or else he was looking for a gentle way to say it.

“You walk as if the sun always shines on you and you own the world,” he said. Not unkindly, I should add, although from someone else it might have sounded like a complaint.

Semi-relevant photo: The sun shining on a herd of cows. (Actually, they were making sure we left their field, and I can't remember if the sun was shining on them or not--it looks like diffuse sunlight. Does that count?) Semi-relevant photo: The sun shining on a herd of cattle. Actually, they were making sure we left their field, and I can’t remember if the sun was shining on them or not–it looks like diffuse sunlight. That may or may not count.

The sun wasn’t shining on me that day. I’ll skip the details, because they’ll…

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Meet Rocky

Melted my heart.

Chris Martin Writes

This post is going to be unlike any I’ve ever written. I’m very passionate about spreading the love of Christ to everyone, whether through personal interactions or with my writing. That’s usually the main focus of all my blog posts. Today, I want to do something completely different.

I want you to meet Rocky.

Three weeks ago, my wife and I walked into the Rabun Paws 4 Life no-kill animal shelter in search of a new family dog. (You can donate to this shelter HERE) It always breaks my heart to walk into these shelters and not leave with every single animal in tow. I’ve never been a huge animal lover, but I don’t like to see anyone suffering or without hope. Human or animal.

They led us into the room with smaller dogs, and instantly, they all started competing for our attention. All except for one sad looking…

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