Circle of Five–in response to the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

I. favorite number
five; superstition dictates.
i am a child born
on the fifth day of
the tenth month, a multiple
of five. mystical.

Photo from

II. give me five, one hand 

thrust open in greeting, slapped 

up high, down low, slide 

across palms touching, friendship 

displayed playfully.

 Photo by David from Society 6.

III. ring ’round the rosie 

pocket quite full of posey, 

all but five fall down.

a circle drawn in

childish games mocking death’s role

In childhood forgot.

Jeu d’enfants a Riquewihr-1920’s -Alsace-Robert Doisneau

Me Time–in response to The Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

A trio of haiku written in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt.

I. Tick tock wind the clock

Carefully controlled tension

I snap when overwound.

Art by Norman Duenas found on Pinterest

II. Time out, hurry up

Life goes on without me now

Wrinkles slow me down.

III.  “A Time for Us” sung

Plaintively, no dry eyes here

Save mine; mine were clear.

Peace, People


Thunder closely sounds

Following bursts of lightning

Cats cower ‘neath beds.

Wild flashes of light

Stark reminders of power

Streaking earth to sky.

Imagine life as

A superstitious caveman

Scared witless by storm.

Storm sweeps vividly

Strafing swaths of timbered ground.

 Skies burst brilliantly.

Looking at all the Angles

I taught math to fifth and sixth graders. My mind has been warped ever since. The evidence follows in haiku:

Ninety degrees are
Also known as right angles
Angles most correct.


Obtuse angles are
Geometry’s friendliest
Shapes. Always open.

An acute angle
Isn’t necessarily
Attractive, my friend.


Lines meet briefly at one point
Think intersection

Parallel lines seem
So lonely, these lines never
Touch, never will meet.

Geometry has
No irregularity
Like haiku, rules rule.

Polygon having at least
Two lines parallel

Clone Wars

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clone Wars.”

Best not to clone me,
Two me’s would be too many;
Three, ridiculous.

Clone instead two men:
Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise,
Then share their cloned selves.

I get Mister Ford
You get Tom Cruise for yourself.
Or we could switch out.

I really don’t care,
After all cloning ensures
There will be plenty.

And what shall I do
With my hunky cloned Harry?
That’s too personal.

By the way, Tom Cruise
Gained mention because his name
Has two syllables.

Instead of more, like
Huey Lewis, George Clooney
And Paul McCartney.







Sometimes up is down
All depends on where one’s bound
Adventure awaits

I seldom attempt haiku, but there was a challenge circulating on WordPress, and I can never pass up a good challenge. Funny thing is, I’m not exactly sure what the rules of the challenge were. It had something to do with the picture of the escalator and a haiku. I think. Is there a prize???