When a Cowboy Dies

When a cowboy dies
the world sighs and God calls out
“come home son, and rest!”

“You’ve no more cattle
to brand, no roundups to ride,
come home son, and rest.”

“Your best horse awaits
ready for your gentle hand
ride home son, and rest.”

When a cowboy dies
loved ones cry, while angels sing,
“welcome home; now rest.”

Actor Fess Parker

I wrote this piece as a tribute to my husband’s Uncle, Frank Parker, who passed away this week. I didn’t have a photo of Uncle Frank, but actor Fess Parker (pictured above) was a cousin, and shared a lot of the same good genetic material. 

Uncle Frank was a true cowboy from his early teenaged years in Pie Town, New Mexico, until his body just couldn’t do the work anymore. Not too many years ago Frank suffered a broken neck in a horse-related incident.

No one expected Frank to live, but he did, recovering fully and continuing to ride the range out near Albuquerque, New Mexico, on into his 80’s.

Uncle Frank was one hell of a tough man, and a real cowboy. He’s ridden on home now. May he truly find rest.

Peace, people.