January: Note to Self

Don’t give me excuses
For losing resolutions
Wimpy, downtrodden
Promises to self.

Instead, hold my fingers
To the flame
Keep me accountable
For once.

Steady, steady girl
You can do this
Take one last long
Look at yesterday.

Gone like every other
Past minute, past hour
Filled with chances
Some gained, some lost.

What now? Only some
Promises are worthy
Of keeping for
Any length of time:

Love more, worry less
Share everything
Care for everyone.
Nothing else even matters.

Peace, People.


Cape St. George and Apalachicola

Studly and I live near Tallahassee, Florida, in the state’s panhandle. We both love this part of Florida, but it is not what most folks have in mind when they think of the Sunshine State. For one thing, there are very few palm trees in our area. Instead, we have massive moss-covered oaks and towering pine trees. In addition, our terrain is hilly, quite unlike the famously flat peninsula.

I do wish we lived nearer to the Gulf or the Atlantic. In a perfect world, I’d live a maximum of 10 minutes from a white sand beach, as it is, I’m about 75 miles from the Gulf, but the first really good beach is about 90 miles away. Yesterday was January 1, 2015, and I resolved to be at the beach on that day. Since I’m a grown woman with a driver’s license I waited for Studly to depart for the golf course and pointed my car south to the Gulf of Mexico.

On previous trips I had always immediately gone straight to St. George island, turning left just past Bayside Burgers in Eastpoint, but today I drove on to Apalachicola for brunch. The restaurant I’d planned on visiting was closed (New Year’s Day, duh!), so I asked a local couple for a recommendation and they pointed me to Caroline’s River Dining.


I had a yummy crab quiche for brunch while seated at a table with a fine view of the Apalachicola River. Afterwards, I strolled around the historic downtown, mainly taking photos of signs for some reason.





Only a few businesses were open, so this is definitely a place I’ll need to revisit in the future.

On my way home I couldn’t pass up going out to St. George Island to start off the new year with my toes in the sand.







Maybe this will provide my beach fix for a little while. Or maybe, I’ll convince Studly to move to the Gulf of Mexico. I can see me as a professional beach bum.


Cat Toys

Perfect cat toys seldom
Cost much.
An empty box seduces the
Most jaded feline.
Flippity, floppity shoe laces
Attract a kitten’s curious pounces.
My cats’ schtick is indeed
A stick.
At one time featuring a
Bunch of brightly colored
Feathers and a squeaky
Stuffed mouse dangling
From one end.
Lately, the mouse has gone
Missing and the feathers have
But the cats simply
Do Not Care.


Only 93 Views Short of My Best Month

Why do the stats on my WordPress page fascinate me so? I’m not a competitive person, but as my day and month draws near to a close I find myself 93 guess short of making this my best month ever. IMG_1971.JPG

That’s me. It feels impossible, but I can at least try! C’mon people. View me!!!

New Year’s Eve for Old Folks

At my chiropractor’s office this morning the young assistant excitedly asked, “So what are you doing for New Year’s Eve?”

“Oh nothing,” I said. “My husband and I will probably stay in, watch a movie, maybe drink a toast at midnight, if we even make it up that long.”

“How awful!” she said. “That sounds so sad.”

“Actually,” I told her, “A quiet evening sounds like tons of fun to me.”

She gave me a pat on my hand as if to say, “you poor old lady.”

Not too many years ago I’d have had the same reaction. After all, isn’t New Year’s Eve tailor-made for partying? When did that change?

Was it during the years when our children were young and we knew that the sleep we missed on New Year’s Eve would not easily be recouped?

Did it change those years when Studly was working shift work, and we spent the big night in separate locations?

Or did it happen when we realized how bad we felt after a big night of partying, and how long that feeling lingered?

Chances are it was an accumulation of causes. At any rate, one would have to drag me out of my home screaming and kicking on New Year’s Eve.

Unless there’s dancing. I’m always up for dancing!


Walking Dead Marathon

If one is really good, good things will come to you, or so I’ve been told. The current good thing is a marathon of The Walking Dead on AMC.

Why, one might ask, would I watch a marathon of a show when I’ve seen every single episode multiple times? Studly Doright asked me that very question as he came dragging in from work with high hopes that I might be working on a home cooked meal for his dinner. Instead he found me with my butt parked in front of the big screen watching Rick and Shane, et. al. escaping from a soon to explode CDC. No dinner in sight.


Of course it didn’t take Studly long to join me as we watched Andrea hide in a bathroom in order to avoid a walker.



After watching for another half hour or so, it occurred to me that I watch the marathons for a couple of reasons. I love seeing the characters transform. In those first seasons they were so innocent and fresh. Heck, Rick and Laurie looked like candidates for prom king and queen.

But more importantly, I like seeing the episodes back to back–the bridges from episode to episode and season to season. There are little things one might miss when seeing an episode in isolation that make sense during a binge watching session.



Whatever the reason–it’s hard for me to turn this soap opera with zombies off.

2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Cat Nap

I sat down to read a good book this afternoon. First Scout joined me and insisted I put down the book so she could lay on my chest. She might have been a scarf in a past life:

Then Patches climbed into my lap. She is much more subtle in her approach, and had to wait until her sister settled down before claiming a spot:

So both cats are now sleeping soundly. Meanwhile, I’m wide awake, covered in cat hair and perspiration. I can’t move without disturbing either cat, so I’m trapped. And I wouldn’t change a thing.
Here’s to cats! May their love and warmth surround and comfort you. I need to sneeze!

December 28, 2014

Had to share this one! Well done Pablo on Whiteouts!

White Outs

12-28-14 lego014 - color

My nephew posts funny pictures of himself on Instagram wearing a Lego head in various locales under the handle legoman_iac. If you’re so inclined, check him out and follow him. He asked me to do a Legoman cartoon and this is what I came up with. My first idea was to do something with a Lego lady involving the song “brickhouse” but when one looks closely at those lyrics…

Anyway…enjoy. 🙂

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