Days Off

Days Off by Leslie Noyes

I gave my characters the weekend off. The beggars were complaining that I was working them too hard; that the

Hours were too long and the pay too cheap. I swear, I’d fire them all if I could. Except for the smart ass who keeps

Coming up with all the witty lines. I swear, he makes me laugh even when I’m trying my level best to be serious.

He has a mind of his own. How can that be? Isn’t he a figment of my imagination? A golden boy with a quick wit

That I can’t control. I hate to play favorites, yet there’s no denying this guy is stringing me along. Too much time invested in him now.

Making Sense

Wearing toe shoes because
they make her feel graceful,
even though she cannot stand,
let alone walk or dance in them.

Pretending she has appointments,
important happenings in her
date book, when in reality her
days are void of any excitement.

Scribbling furiously in her
notebook, intent on making sense
of the empty days and lackluster
nights, praying for intervention.

Where is the muse who heads the
department of sensible thought?
She’s the one in comfortable shoes,
keeping time with the pendulum.

Peace, people!