When Your Mouth Says ‘Yes,’ but Your Brain Screams ‘NO!’

A couple of days ago I received an email from a woman I’d met at a Meetup group. It seems she’d taken on the role of securing speakers for a newcomers’ group in Tallahassee for the coming year and wondered if I’d be interested in speaking at a future luncheon.

Just reading the request turned my stomach inside out. Me? Speak in front of (gasp!) people?! I told Studly Doright about the opportunity and he said, “Do it! It’ll be fun.”

I asked for additional information: How many people typically attend these luncheons? How long would I need to speak? What in the world would I speak about?

When I had the answers, I took a day to think about it and decided that there was no way I could stand in front of 60 women for 20-30 minutes and talk about my writing. But for some reason, I said, “Sure; I’ll do that.”

Now I’m just waiting to find out which month I’ll be assigned to. In the meantime I’ll stress out about the whole thing and probably won’t sleep much. Oh, and maybe I should begin writing a speech. Speech crafting suggestions are welcome. I want to appear witty, so keep that in mind. Oh, I am so screwed.

Peace, people.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

25 thoughts on “When Your Mouth Says ‘Yes,’ but Your Brain Screams ‘NO!’”

  1. A local lady in our smallish community spoke about the book she had written. She was like you, and straight off, confessed the terror she felt after she said that one little word “Yes”.

    She took us through her voyage, from getting an idea, to filling old scribblers with words, sentences to paragraphs, to chapters. Then, the editing, using trusted, honest friends, etc. We were all rapt with what she experienced , so I think you’ll be just fine.

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  2. Share your Mayhem ideas and original inspirations, read a small excerpt, think of the 20 minutes as a long blog post and show adorable pictures of Gracie the cat. Just be yourself. You are quite the entertaining personality you know.

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  3. I agree with the first comment… I often heard that starting by stating your nervousness is a good ice breaker.

    My other advice would be to have talking points on index cards or something. Freestyle the exact words but use the cards, with BIG LETTERING, to remind you what to discuss.

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  4. You’re going to be fine. This is an acceptable risk. I’m very shy in a group of people but I have no trouble speaking in public. It’s just reading your writing out loud.

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  5. I would hurl every single thing I’d eaten in a month if I were in that position. Public speaking is SO not something I deal well with at any level. I do wish you lots of luck! I’m sure you will do great. Just don’t hurl.

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  6. Ooh, I’m getting pretty good at writing speeches! Humor is definitely the way to go. Sprinkle it in here and there and when the audience chuckles in all the right spots, your confidence will definitely get a boost.

    I absolutely hate public speaking too. I’m much happier just writing the damn speeches rather than delivering them.

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