Awareness Issues: Who’s Clueless Now?

I’m not known for my mindfulness. Frequently I walk into doors, trip over lines in the floor, and manage to poke myself in the eye while applying makeup. I once nearly caught the house on fire by accidentally dropping a load of clean laundry on top of a burning candle. If not for the unique scent of burning elastic, I’d likely be living somewhere other than Doright Manor. And those were my favorite panties. 😢

Studly Doright, on the other hand, prides himself on his observational abilities. And I have to admit that he notices stuff other males often don’t—new haircuts, new eyeglass frames, anything new I happen to have purchased hoping he wouldn’t notice. That old line “This old dress? I’ve had it for ages!” never works on him.

Very rarely will he be out of the loop when something changes in his domain. But when he slips, I’m there to take note.

Just a couple of days ago I heard him say, “Hey, you finally hung the grandkids’ senior pictures!”

“Yes, honey, they’ve been up in the same location for two months now.”


“Yep. A couple of feet from the door you walk through multiple times every single day. Now who has awareness issues?”

Then he reminded me of that time when I didn’t realize he’d shaved off his beard until he’d been clean shaven for a month. In my defense, it never was much of a beard.

And the time I got into the driver’s seat of a complete stranger’s car and wondered why my key wouldn’t fit into the ignition.

And also the time I had a conversation with my own reflection in a mirror. I was a bit drunk, but still…

I guess I remain the clueless one. How could he not notice these stunning young people though? Boggles the mind. Has anyone seen my phone? Oh, right, I’m using it to blog.

Garrett and Dominique

Peace, people?

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

31 thoughts on “Awareness Issues: Who’s Clueless Now?”

  1. Beautiful grandchildren! And wait a minute, doesn’t everyone talk to their reflection? Hmmm I do and I don’t have to be drunk either. Lol
    I wonder if it’s a gal thing, but my sister and I also bump into things. My walls like to jump out and bump into me all the time! What’s that about? I’d say it was an over 60 problem but I’ve always done it. I’m spatially challenged.
    But it’s kinda cool that your hubby notices things. However it’s pretty funny that he overlooked those cute grandkids! 😉😹

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  2. He sounds like my Hubby! He doesn’t miss anything. It’s kind of awesome and yet annoying at the same time. And yes, on the extremely rare occasion he does happen to slip, I have to poke him about it.

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      1. 20+ years later and I still haven’t decided either way. Sadly, he has passed this trait on to our daughter. Do you have any idea how hard it is to surprise her with anything?! lol!

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  3. I can relate to too much in your post. I once forgot about a burning candle that set an Advent Wreath on fire in the living room. Luckily a grandchild found it in time. My license to use candles was revoked.


  4. To your credit, I don’t “see” facial hair either. Used to really upset boyfriends. I also couldn’t tell you most people’s eye color (including boyfriends’) it’s just not something my brain absorbs.

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    1. Same here! One of my best friends since third grade has green eyes. For most of our lives I’d thought they were brown. Honestly, she has black hair and olive skin. Shouldn’t they be brown??


      1. Eyes have to be REALLY striking or unique for me to notice. Otherwise, I go with logical guess too.

        I know my ex’s (from 40yrs ago) are blue only because I specifically memorized it after people were horrified that I didn’t know. I have no visual memory of them.

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  5. My daughter read this story about this kid, who every week he would replace a family photo with a photo of Steve Buscemi. There was a point where he had replaced like ten photos and his parents never noticed…

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  6. Many smiles provoked with this one. We could have some of these conversations. As for the stranger’s car – Jackie was once waiting for me in our car in a car park. I got into the passenger seat of another. The woman in the driving seat was somewhat surprised.

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    1. Ha!! Oh no! One of my dearest friends hopped into the front seat of a car and told the person in the driver’s seat to “Take me home, James!”—an old joke between her and her spouse.

      Complete silence until she looked up and the stranger said, “I’m not James, but I can take you home…”

      She said she scrambled out of that car faster than she’d ever moved before.

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