Cover Man

Studly Doright is no fashion maven. Don’t get me wrong, I think he always looks good, he’s just never going to make the cover of GQ.

He is resourceful, though, when it comes to keeping his pants in place. Just look what I discovered when doing his laundry:

That’s a zip tie.

Studly has lost about twenty pounds. Had I lost the same amount I’d have bought a new wardrobe. But my husband? No, he just figures out a way to hold his pants up.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

22 thoughts on “Cover Man”

    1. He wears a belt most of the time. When I asked him about the zip tie he said he’d been working out in his shop and when his pants wouldn’t stay up he used the zip tie instead of coming into the house to get his belt. And, his belt needs replacing—it’s way too big for him now.

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    1. He’s struggled with this weight loss—two bad knees and a herniated disk in his back kept him from being active. After two knee replacement surgeries and back surgery. he’s able to do more physical activities.


      1. I’m glad he’s doing so much better! I’ve seen guys lose weight just sitting on the couch and all they did was eat less bread. Drives me crazy. A woman could be on a diet from the age of 12 and eat nothing but dry salad and it doesn’t help. It almost seems like a guy farts and loses 5 lbs. It’s crazy. But I am sooo glad that he got the replacements and surgeries he needs. Good luck to him!

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    1. That’s so funny. Several of his buddies refer to my husband as MacGyver. In fact, when I began writing about him in my blog, MacGyver was my first thought for his nickname, but Studly Doright just made me laugh.

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