Unexpected Guest

I was sitting outside on the makeshift patio of a local eatery yesterday when one of the employees peeked around the corner and said, “Don’t freak out, but there’s a snake behind the recycling bin.”

Sure enough, I saw the little guy slithering in my direction. And while I didn’t freak out, I did move to a neutral corner in hopes that he’d pass right by.

Hi, I’m an oak snake, who are you?”

Soon, the snake was corralled by braver souls than I and returned to a location with fewer freak-out prone humans.

I promised I’d obliterate any identifying marks on the snake wrangler.

The little oak snake seemed friendly enough, but I’ve got plenty of friends, thank you very much

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

39 thoughts on “Unexpected Guest”

      1. If I see one from far enough away, or with some warning, I’m fine. A couple of years ago I came close to stepping on a venomous snake. I still have nightmares about that close encounter!


    1. You know, I didn’t ask to hold him! Wish I had! Snakes intrigue me. I’m never going to be their biggest fan, but I have touched one before and they’re quite pleasant feeling.

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      1. He was little guy. And oak snakes are great rodent exterminators. As for Studly, had he been there, there’d been a great deal of freaking out. My man does not dig snakes.

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      2. Oh, politics are on my mind a lot. Thanks I’m just leaving the commentary to those more knowledgeable than I these days. My blood pressure can’t handle the stress that comes with posting political content.

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      3. I get that, but it’s really nice what you put up. How’s it going with the book and everything around it these days? Hope all is well and you stay strong and healthy, people like you are needed to make the world go around! 💕

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      4. Aw!! Thanks!! My sequel is still in the revisions stage. Hoping to have that finished and sent back to my editor for more slashing to be done by the end of this week. It’s probably still at least 8-10 weeks away from being published. My editor freelances and she has some worrisome health issues, so I don’t sweat deadlines or stuff like that. When it’s ready, it’s ready.

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      5. Her name is Rachel Carrera. She’s edited both of my books and I trust her with this one. We argue some, but she’s usually right. She designs my covers and formatting, as well.

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