Dizzy Is As Dizzy Does

I’ve been called “ditzy” more than once in my life but never “dizzy.” However, after a random dizzy spell threatened to take me out this afternoon I might have to embrace that nickname as well.

I was minding my own business, walking into a department store in search of my favorite brand and color of blush when objects in my peripheral vision appeared to be off kilter, a bit fuzzy. Hmmm, I thought, that’s weird, but continued to the cosmetics counter. Just a few yards from my destination I truly almost passed out. I quickly sat on a stack of ladies’ blouses and placed my head between my knees.

After a moment my equilibrium returned and I continued on my errand—with no luck, by the way. It seems my favorite blush, the one I’ve used for at least a decade is in danger of being discontinued. $&#%?!

Since the episode I’ve felt a bit on edge, worried that it might happen again. I drove home to Doright Manor on backroads just in case I needed to pull over, but there were no further dizzy spells—just the hint of a headache.

Of course being the hypochondriac that I am I now have decided I have either a brain tumor or something equally nefarious. Most likely it’s a sinus issue. Or maybe it’s the ghost of my latent talent rising to the surface and I’m going to be the next superstar on Broadway. Hello, Dolly, er Dizzy.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

37 thoughts on “Dizzy Is As Dizzy Does”

    1. Oh dear! I suffer from vertigo too LA. It’s miserable and very debilitating. Change in the weather, allergies, lots of triggers. Sometimes it’s a prelude to a migraine. Sorry you have to deal with it too. 😢

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  1. It’s called an aura. Sometimes it is dizziness, sometimes it’s a blackout of part of your vision. It usually happens before a headache or a migraine . The first time it happened to me I became violently nauseous and almost passed out. I saw a neurologist who said it’s a prelude to a migraine. Some people get it but don’t get the headaches. It happens to me frequently Especially when there are barometric changes .
    It’s not serious but can be scary.

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      1. Yes. It was strange to me too at first. It’s happened to me while I’m driving and I’ve had to pull over. I usually take two Advil the moment it occurs and that seems to help. The scariest is the partial loss of vision. It’s temporary but while it’s happening I feel awful. Shaky, sweating etc. eventually it passes. It’s like the room flips around too. All ocular migraine types of auras. I just live with it now. I know they will pass. Light can trigger them too. Sometimes too much screen time as well. Isn’t getting older fun? 🙀

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  2. I think it’s perfectly normal to get some dizzy spells as we grow older. Could be any of the immediate causes all your other readers have suggested. No worries, just take it easier?

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  3. This happens to me most often if I’ve gone too long without eating, but I also get it when my allergies are kicked into high gear and I’m really congested. Or, my most favorite, when I’m getting blood drawn. Since there were no needle sticks for you, I doubt it is the last one. Sadly, I know all too well how you feel. It is an awful experience. I had a brief period of time after my first child was born where I had random dizzy spells quite often that scared the crap out of me because it happened while I was driving. Thankfully, they went away after a couple of months and a couple of rounds of meds. Hopefully this was just a random, one time thing for you!

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  4. I had that occur, frequently, while driving a horribly long commute on not enough sleep. I thank the stars it was always in bumper to bumper nearly stopped traffic, so no one was ever hurt. Quite scary to be driving a 3,000 lb killing machine and go into tunnel vision with no control of my body!

    On the flip side, I say the best part about getting older is that it’s so easy to get dizzy that spinning in an office chair is just as fun as the best amusement park ride!

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