Sunday, Sunday

There was a time in my life when Sunday evenings were fraught with angst. The weekend so close to ending. A new school week or work week impending. Now, as a self-employed writer I have more ambiguous feelings about a Sunday evening. The angst is gone because my time belongs to me.

I write all through the week, taking breaks when I feel the need, and I often forget what day it is. If Studly Doright weren’t still employed full time I’d likely forget the days altogether.

Speaking of Studly Doright, he still has the Sunday evening angst. Two more years and he too can forget what day it is.

Where are you on the continuum? Still dreading Monday morning or blissfully unaware? The Mamas & The Papas had some thoughts on that.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

15 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday”

    1. Right?! I still look forward to the weekend because it means I get to hang out with my husband more (after golf, of course), but I don’t miss that icky night before Monday feeling. It’s a win-win.

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  1. I usually work 4 days a week, so my weekends are longer than most. But, like so many people working primarily from home during the pandemic, I find that my work life bleeds into my home life in strange ways. In some ways, it’s a pleasant thing : I can type away with my dog at my feet. In other ways, it’s oppressive: I’m physically unable to get away from work. I do find myself considering what a freelance life would look like. Would it feel more like life on my own terms? Would it actually bring in any cash?

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    1. The cash is the hard part. I couldn’t write full time if my husband weren’t so supportive and still employed. I need to get as much accomplished as possible before he retires in two years.

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  2. I wouldn’t know what day it was if it wasn’t for my Hubby and the kids. Even the kids schedules are off because they are both mostly online. My daughter’s dance schedule is the most anchoring part of my time right now. Considering there will only be another year of that and high school for her, I have no clue how I’m going to keep track of the days soon.

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