The View from My Window

February 12, 2021.

This is my backyard here at Doright Manor. Today the temps were in the mid-70’s, and while rain is in the forecast through next Tuesday, we’re enjoying the gift of pleasant weather today. I know we’re very lucky right now.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re warm and dry. Maybe you’ll have a cup of hot chocolate, or a bowl of stew. At bedtime you might enjoy a hot toddy. Heck, now I’m almost in the mood for winter weather. Almost.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

43 thoughts on “The View from My Window”

  1. Over here in the FL Panhandle, it is raining. Rained yesterday. Rain forecast through Monday. Then the temps drop into the 30’s at night. I’ll take that hot toddy, thank you very much!
    You have a great view, by the way!

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      1. You know how Texas is shaped? The panhandle is the rectangular-ish part in the northwest part of the state. I’ve never thought it looked like the handle of a pan, but that’s its nickname. And now I live in the panhandle of Florida.

        Where do you live?


      2. Ah right I don’t know the shape but it’s pretty big! I live in a city called Hull. It’s in the north of England. Nice place. The river Hull cuts it two, east to west.

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      3. I’ve been saving my money and after Covid is under control I’m going on a tour of France and England. I’ll put Hull on my list of places to visit.


      4. Great! And if you drive east for 25 minutes you hit the beach. Lovely in summer. Drive west for 40 minutes and you are in the historic city of York. Always full of tourists.

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      5. We live about four hours north of Orlando, and our part of Florida is very different. We have fewer palm trees, but lots of huge oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, and gently rolling hills. Our climate here is less tropical. We chose to retire here.


  2. I love your backyard! It looks so relaxing and a great place to sit and write a book, LOL! I sure woukd love to just sit there for a few days and relax especially in the warmth! Sooo cold in Illinois -20 wind call and predicting even colder yet this weekend. Brrrrrr! Love your blog!

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  3. That’s a pretty nice view, very conducive to writing novels I reckon. 21 degrees C here in Melbourne, which is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoy your Stew and hot chocolate, mines a cool wine spritzer.

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      1. Och we had a laugh. And we had no choice after the new neighbour across from us took her car out the driveway and got stuck blocking the street. Ours and the two that it joins were totally missed off the snow plough rotas.

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      2. Lol…. Smiling that one of the next door neighbours–a person who has fallen out with just about everyone here , their tradeepeople and delivery folks, might not think so, after the woman came back and parked in her cherished onstreet parking spot, which of course belongs to her despite the fact it doesn’t… Let me just add that later when the new neighbour went to try and move it, incase it got bashed given the state of the road, half the street appeared with shovels to dig snow ROUND it, so it could stay exactly where it was.

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  4. We are still in the single digits here and have another chance of snow. I swear mother nature decided to hold off winter for us and then dump it all at once. I think I’m just about ready to be seeing those 70 degree days again.

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