First Review of Mayhem!

My first book has its first review on Amazon!

Thanks to Deb, at “I am, therefore I write,” for submitting a review of Mayhem at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort!

Check this out:

I have to admit I cried a couple of happy tears over this. Thank you, Deb!

You can find Deb’s blog at She’s so worth a follow!

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

42 thoughts on “First Review of Mayhem!”

  1. Pretty easy to review such an entertaining book! And my earlier comment about the sequel…yes please! This story is clearly not finished by any means 🙂 Appreciate the shout out on the blog as well. Suppose now I need to think of something to post since it’s been so very long 😦

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      1. Ah yes, tough questions that I have no answers for! Maybe pick a good book series that you are familiar with/read already and get some hints. That would be hard-how much is too much to re-hash, or do you perhaps simply do a new stand alone novel with glimpses into the backstory rather than a specific continuation…?? Writing is hard 😉

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      2. It is hard! There are some series where I’ve found myself annoyed by the back story information and others where I’m annoyed that there’s not enough. It’s a fine line. Yes, writing is hard!

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      1. Look, there are trolls somewhere in the world, You don’t have to embrace them. Just ignore them. Can you believe I have never read a single book review on Amazon? I only read the short description that says me all I need to know. If a stranger didn’t like the book, how is it going to help me? But I understand what you mean.

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      2. I’m well aware that I’m no great novelist (not yet anyway 😉😉), and I still have so much to learn. I hope people who read the book will tell me what they like and what I need to work on for the next book,

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      3. Oh no, there are so many people, you will find your reader. Don’t let people discourage you. Like, there will be always someone who doesn’t regard my favorite books as literature:) Guess our reviews are going to be very different 😉

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      4. Oh, I am so sorry… I cannot read this week. I mean, it wouldn’t be a productive reading. I can barely look through the blog posts and reply to the comments – and I only do it because I feel bad for neglecting. I am so eager to start reading your first book – believe me. You are one of the finest writers here. I know your book is great by default 😊

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  2. Leslie, I just finished reading your delightful novel. I found it it quite charming. I left a little comment on Amazon that should show up in a day or two. (My Amazon name is Lollyk. )
    I’m so proud of you for accomplishing this feat! By the way, your talent for writing realistic dialogue is excellent! You had me crying at times and laughing at other times. Well done!

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  3. I returned to the post where we left our conversation. I am not in a good health, Leslie, I have to confess. This also brought an avalanche of other problems. But enough about it. What I want to tell is that I waited for a right moment to read your book ( to be able to enjoy the reading), and now that I did it, I want to tell you – bravo! It was a fantastic read, I knew it would be. Most important, it was not what I expected! I like an author who can surprise 😉 I loved the mix of serious and amusing, the twists and the brewing love stories. Never heard of the naked jugglers before. How did you know they existed? Eh, we are so provincial here…
    I read the whole book in one day – stayed in bed, but didn’t feel unwell or something. Just enjoyed the reading. The only thing I found distracting, was a slightly disproportional amount of pages you dedicated to the conflict with the church people. I thought that a couple of short episodes would be enough to make a point, especially that the main characters didn’t give a toss. Otherwise, your writing was smooth and engrossing, as I knew it would. I have read one of your latest posts about sex. You did right leaving it behind the scenes in this book. It would be too much, the plot would be too ‘busy’. Cannot cram everything into one book. You proved to be a person of a great taste once again. I look forward to the cowboy romance though:) Delighted for you! Two of my personal friends published their first books around Christmas, unearthed their talents. Cannot be happier for them too.
    Hope your 2021 is happy and exciting! Congratulations on your book again! You are a star! ❤

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    1. First, I wish you felt better. I worry about you, you know. And thank you for the feedback. Knowing what I know now, I wish I’d divided this book into two separate books. Ah! Live and learn.

      If you have the time and feel up to it, I’d love to have a review from you on Amazon. But your words here made me happy.

      The main thing, though, is for you to be well.

      Love, Leslie

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      1. Oh I will write the review, just have to get in the right mood. Why do you think you should have divided the book? I think it is very good the way it is. But it asks for a sequel for sure. We want to know!! 😉

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      2. I was trying so hard to get to 90,000 words because someone had told me that was the minimum number for a book to be published. So even when i thought, “oh, this is good. Wish I could end it here,” I just kept on writing to get to that 90,000 goal—and ended up with a great many more than that. Then my editor friend said that I only needed 90,000 if I was going to publish in the traditional manner. Self-publishing—I could have ended it much earlier and saved some for the sequel. Oh well! I’m about 33,000 words into my sequel: Wedding at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort.

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