Propaganda and Pancakes

Tuesday morning Studly Doright took me to breakfast at one of his favorite spots. I’d never eaten there because I don’t generally eat breakfast, but Studly has talked about this place for two years, so I finally relented.

The place is kind of a dive on the outskirts of Tallahassee. I’ve driven by it many times but never felt inclined to stop there for any reason. Studly and I have quite different ideas of what constitutes a good restaurant.

When we arrived the small dining area was almost empty, but between the time we placed our order and the time our food arrived the place had filled up. Following Studly’s lead I ordered pancakes, and they really were as good as he’d claimed. Unfortunately they didn’t cancel out the conversation swirling around us. It went something like this:

Old White Man: It looks like that Biden’s going to steal the election.

Old White Woman: You know Nancy Pelosi is just going to have him removed as soon as possible.

Different Old White Man: Yep, I heard that. Then that KamAlla will be President and she’s going to get that socialist, commie Cortez to be her Vice President.

Different Old White Woman Who Was Our Waitress: And that’ll be the end of this whole USA.

Old White Man: First thing they’ll do is try to take my guns, but I ain’t giving ‘em up without no fight.

Around this point I swallowed the last bite of my absolutely perfect pancake and suggested to my husband that we should leave before I said out loud the word I was thinking. In case you’re wondering, the word was “bullsh*t”. Once I had my mask back on I said the word multiple times. Not loud enough for anyone to hear it, but it made me feel better.

Where do these people get such outrageous ideas? I know this crazy theory isn’t only being bandied about in Tallahassee, Florida. I’ve also read it in friends’ posts on social media. So some tv conspiracy theorist must be pushing it. My money’s on this guy:

Alex Jones (Creep)

Peace, and get a grip, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

33 thoughts on “Propaganda and Pancakes”

  1. You know, when you delve into the thinking of the opposite side, they also think people who support democrats are just as crazy as we think they are. They truly believe what they are saying and thinking and a lot of them have very intelligent and sound arguments about this, and as I listen t their perspective I cannot help thinking that that is actually their truth. It may seem crazy to us but they think what we think is crazy too. It’s the truth of how we all see the world based on our individualised experiences. And then the media pushes this angry rhetoric which polarises us further so instead of having discussions about our truths and why we vote for who we vote for, we are arguing and speaking hateful language and making the other side out to be pure utter evil and we are maddened by each other. And if we, the common man, are speaking so passionately about these things and fighting amongst ourselves, you have got to ask yourself, who is benefitting from all of this? Because it’s certainly not the old white man whose guns are going to be forced from his steel grip (haha, they’re not!), and it’s certainly not you, just minding your own business eating your pancakes. Someone has got to benefit from all this polarising, I just wish I knew who!

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  2. My husband had a dentist appointment yesterday and, of course, the dental hygienist is all masked up so hard to understand. Plus husband said she tends to be a bit chatty as she works on his teeth. Before she began his check-up, she said something about masks. My husband made a comment about his anger with the people who refuse to wear them. She did not say a word. Husband figured she was a Trumper and had a nice quiet dental session. Good thing cause it could have gone south in a heartbeat.

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    1. That’s funny because on my last visit to the hygienist she told me she thought the virus was all political. From my lack of agreement she must’ve realized I didn’t feel the same way. Kind of risky when they have sharp tools in your mouth.

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  3. Every single day I’m utterly blown away at how truly unable to use critical thinking a large swath of the American population is. At how willing so many people are to drink that Kool-Aid. I think the one thing I can be grateful for in all this forced isolation is that we haven’t spent any time with my Hubby’s dad and been forced to listen to the toxic BS he spews. Apparently, Hubby has had to have a few conversations on the phone with him and, more recently laid into him about how his attitude is actually harmful to his own grandkids. He is just that unaware that he does not understand in the least that he is actively harming his family with his attitudes.

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