My, Oh My

For some reason I’ve been getting ads for internet dating sites. I’ve wondered if some of the google searches I embarked on while writing my little romance novel triggered the algorithm for “MatureLove.Com” or something similarly inappropriate for a married woman to be perusing. Whatever the reason, the ads have been interesting.

This first guy hardly looks to be in his senior years, but I sure wouldn’t ask him for his birth certificate. If Studly weren’t my one true love I might’ve had to look him up.

Then there’s this guy:

He’s awfully cute, but still a bit young for me.

In this third photo, we finally get a bit closer to my decade.

Still, he looks like he’s just finished listing all the side effects I might expect from a new medication: diarrhea, weight gain, risk of stroke, diabetes, and anemia. I believe I’ll pass.

I always wonder with these ads what the actual guys might look like.

Captain America? Be still, my heart. Heh.
Enjoys long walks on a Florida beach. At high noon, in the middle of summer.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

19 thoughts on “My, Oh My”

  1. Oh god this is too funny…. It’s not the same but not far off where you get all these friend requests on facebook and followers on twitter–clearly dating scams etc… and you delete them or report them or whatever them.. and then they obvi think you didn’t go for that type, so they try another type. I aye think, SERIOUSLY?? And you have captured that brill here. Freezers is what I am getting ads galore of freezers after our side by side spectacularly went on fire nearly two weeks ago. I just want to say to google ad trackers .. are you nutz? Will you… bleep off, obvi I have sorted out another one by now .

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  2. Okay, I can’t say anything about the last two, but the first… that dude is a model. Not just some random model, but apparently a popular one. He is on the cover of countless books (yes, in the romance genre). Of all the models for them to pick for an add, that one cracks me up the most. Talk about unrealistic!

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  3. My work child went through a Tinder phase between his current girlfriend and the previous one. All of us older teachers who were well and truly married before Tinder came along found the tales of his adventures and use of the app fascinating.
    For the record he is a relatively good looking guy but some of his profile photos…..

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      1. Ha! One of my hubby’s golf buddies is a well-to-do divorced man. He’s average looking, but we live in a smallish city, and he’s had a lot of luck on using dating apps. I told my husband it’s not the guy’s looks that are landing him all the females. It’s his bank account. He’s NEVER without a woman.

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