Maggie May-December Romance

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about the Rod Stewart song, “Maggie May,” and how I thought it should be made into a movie.

The song is about a May-December romance in which the male is May and the female, December. That’s not exactly the norm in American society, but it certainly makes for a good story.

I wondered if there were any other songs that spun the tale of a younger man in a romance with an older woman. For a whole day I pondered the question, but couldn’t think of a single one. And then, while listening to the Garth Brooks channel on Sirius XM satellite radio, I remembered “That Summer.”

Garth’s song, “That Summer” tells of a teenaged boy working on a ranch one summer for a “lonely widow woman” who one night brings the boy a cup of coffee and a smile. We all know what the combination of coffee and a smile does to a man’s libido, right? Oh, okay, as far as I know there’s no connection there, but what if there were?

So surely that’s the sum total of songs featuring a younger man being romanced by an older woman. We can’t count “Mrs. Robinson,” I don’t think, because the song itself doesn’t tell the story of the seduction and/or romance. Am I wrong or have I missed any?

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

9 thoughts on “Maggie May-December Romance”

  1. I think…did Neil Diamond not a have a song Desiree. And I am sure that later to make it acceptable —Obvi if the boot was on the other foot here and it was some auld git romancing some young lassie, not a lid would be blinked…. the words, ‘ Became a man at the hands of a woman who was twice my age,’ were changed to ‘Became a man at the hands of a woman who was wise and sage….’ Which does not have quite the same raunch and ring.

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