It’s Complicated

My cat Scout loves me so much that she spends some part of every night head butting me, and often sleeping so close to me that I can’t move, or laying so heavily on my abdomen that I must use the facilities every couple of hours or so.

I complain that she won’t let me sleep.

Then last night, none of the above occurred. Not a single head butt (aka kitty kiss). She never demanded I sleep on my back so she could walk circles on my stomach before making herself a cozy spot atop my bladder. When I turned over to find a different sleeping position I did so without encountering her presence by my side.

It frightened me, this lack of kitty contact.

My first thought this morning was that my almost 17-year-old cat might’ve died. At 5:30 I went in search of this sweet girl, dreading what I might find. But my worries were groundless. As soon as I left the bedroom I discovered her padding along behind me to the kitchen for her breakfast as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

I was reassured, but my feelings were hurt. Had she forgotten about our non-sleeping arrangement?

Deciding to give her a chance to redeem herself, I crawled back into bed and called her name. She’s making amends even as I type this.

Maybe she just needed her space. Relationships are like that sometimes.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

14 thoughts on “It’s Complicated”

  1. Ha! That sounds like my Hubby. When we still allowed our cats into our room at night (lots of reasons why this had to change, sadly), our oldest kitty would sleep on his feet. Not next to them, but ON them. He would get up every single morning complaining about a cramp or an ache or that he didn’t sleep well because of the cat, but he refused to move her so he could sleep meaning he was forced to stay in that same position all night. Now he can’t sit down in a chair without one of them in his lap and he gets so frustrated, but he still refuses to move them or stop them from claiming lap time.

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  2. Lol. How sture. We all need space. But it so reminded me of what you say about babies, you know. The first time they really sleep you are through prodding them every five mins to make sure they are breathing…

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