A Time to Dance; A Time to Cry

I was so full of myself after finishing my first manuscript that I immediately began writing another. Actually, I have two going. One’s a sequel to book one and the other is a light romance. I’m still not sure how book one should be classified. Quirky, maybe. Is “quirky” a genre? If not, it should be.

The light romance is set in the panhandle of Texas, so to keep me in the mood I’ve been listening to country music. Alexa has begun to anticipate my needs, and for some reason Amazon is sending me ads for western wear. What a world, eh?

Occasionally, Alexa will play a song that forces me to get up and dance. Not to brag, but no one two-steps with an invisible partner as well as I do. And waltzing? Fuggetabout it! I’m surprised no one’s yet knocked on my door to award me first place in the imaginary partner category.

Some songs make me cry, though, and instead of dancing I sit in front of my computer and cry. Most recently that song was this one by Vince Gill. It breaks my heart every time.

This might not be the best version of the song because Vince breaks down and cries, but it’s become my favorite. “Go Rest High On That Mountain”

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

31 thoughts on “A Time to Dance; A Time to Cry”

      1. Do you know there was this epic thing where his parents who live in Comrie in Perthshire which we drive through going to Glencoe (Too bad he didn’t visit them while we were.) However, some wifey was walking her dog at nearby Lochearnhead and there he was, out for a walk wi his girl. Aye. I tell you, like the time here for the Open George Clooney visited one of our bars down the road, the nest day the place was hooching wi women… Apparently Gerard was very nice, posed for pics and all.

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      2. Aye, it wasn’t that he wasn’t dishy enough. But while I’ve seen him play a not so nice character, or a tougher guy, and you can see he can act it, he always reminds me of Clark Gable that way. He’s just not mean.

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  1. This post gave me flashbacks to the 80’s when line dancing was the big thing in bars. Spending time doing that always gave me flashbacks to junior high school and having to endure the enforced segment on folk dancing in PE. Okay, secretly I liked that topic. It was one thing I could manage to do reasonably well. Jeez, now I’m yearning for my youth again…

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  2. I’m a pretty good two stepper too. And I can Texas three-step with the best imaginary partner as well. Maybe we have the same partner! We could call him Casper. That was my sister’s imaginary friend as a kid. Vince makes me cry a lot. Saw him in concert a few years ago. We played that song at my mom’s funeral so, I get the crying. 😢

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    1. Oh! I wanted the song sung at my mom’s funeral, but her service was in a primitive Baptist church and they were really strict about song choices.

      And I’ll share Casper with you. My imaginary friends were both girls: Jackie and Lisa. They went with me everywhere until I was six. I left them at the movie theatre.

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      1. Apparently when I walked in the door after being at the movie all morning I announced that I’d left Jackie and Lisa behind and that we’d never have to worry about them again. 🤪I guess I grew up after watching Beach Blanket Bingo.


  3. I cannot wait to read your book and all the other books you are going to write.
    Listened to the video two times with tears in my eyes. Now wondering what kind of advertisements I have inflicted on myself…

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