Scratching My Head

I’ve frequently purchased “Southern Living” magazine. “Home and Garden” is one I enjoy thumbing through, too. Oh, “House Beautiful” should get a mention, but “Garden & Gun?”

Really? I was almost tempted to buy the periodical just to see photos of people gardening with their guns. Maybe they use a pistol in place of a spade. Or a rifle as a hoe. My imagination has been titillated.

I’m not a gardener, but the essence of a garden is peace and life. To paraphrase Tina Turner, “What’s gun got to do with it?”

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

27 thoughts on “Scratching My Head”

    1. It just seems like an oxymoron; although, one of my blogging friends tells me it’s a good publication. Maybe I’ve judged too harshly based on the title.


  1. I’ve subscribed to this magazine since the day it came out. I love it. It is a great magazine–lots more to read than Southern Living–which I also subscribe to. You should get a copy and see what you think. The ‘Good Dog’ stories always tear my heart.

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  2. Maybe the gun is to run off the critters eating the veggies. Only thing that makes sense to me. Or…”you better like what I pulled from the garden and put on the table”. Forget about going to be hungry. 🤣

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