A Question or Two for Authors Plus Some Other Stuff

I’ve been working on my novel daily, and I’m closing in on 60,000 words. I like my characters, even though they still talk way too much.

So question number one is: How much dialogue is too much? Is there a golden ratio that can be applied or should I just let them talk?

Question #2: I’m afraid I hit the story’s climax way too soon. How do I create some new tension to keep the story going, OR, should I create some additional tension before the perceived climax and delay the denouement?

Question #3: What is the meaning of life in the age of COVID-19? And is it too frivolous to be working on a novel during such a time?

I wrote a little over 1,000 words this morning and now I’m snuggled up with the cat. One moment I’m able to put the pandemic totally out of my mind, while the next moment I’m contemplating how horrible it must be to be hooked to a ventilator and that makes me need to wipe tears onto my shirt sleeve.

Irrelevant photo of my two eldest grandchildren. They’re 17 now.

Please stay safe out there.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

14 thoughts on “A Question or Two for Authors Plus Some Other Stuff”

  1. It is certainly not frivolous. You know what it is, is a sad that people can’t be frivolous, and feel they are somehow a bad person for not running about wringing their hands. Good for you for being able to write. Like that we are all having moments where we can’t , or we get some horrible news about someone, or someone really pees us off, so yeah. There that is question 3. Question 1.. dialogue is there to move a story forward always so don’t worry re using too much. let them talk. They will tell you when they don’t want to. Question 2.. Tricky. You are far in word wise. Do you need to add another 20 thou or whatever? Is it possible to go back and look at your story drivers as opposed to tacking on more stuff which might just be padding? Going back I’d be looking at the characters re the goal, motivation, conflict, so what would they do here to see if any more bits could be beefed, added earlier etc. to add tension. I dunno if that helps.

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      1. Leslie I hit brick walls all the time cos I never plot any bit of any book and when i do I step right back and I say right okay…. what would she do next? What would he do? So I would just step to an earlier point and see if a bit could go in there.

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      2. That’s reassuring! When I started writing this I had a very specific way I wanted it to end, but my characters haven’t always said or done what I originally pictured them doing.


      3. Let them do what they like. I only ever start with a tiny germ of an idea. A first scene. Honest. Oh and the leads are nice, so very very nice . Lovely, LOVELY human beings. Do you know there were never EVER meant to be any Vikings in the Viking and the Courtesan, until suddenly from nowhere one was on the page?the last book, halfway through chapter 3 the hero said, ‘I am the law.’ I thought, no you’re not, what the hell are you talking about? I am not just saying that. So yeah just let them take you on a trip. Honest you won’t get in a hole. Certainly not one you can’t get out of.

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  2. This pandemic has accentuated to me the value of silence. If I had a cat again, I would study how he or she communicates best with me non verbally. Somehow I could use such an approach to heighten and resolve a story.

    Question#3 – The meaning of life now to me is the desperate need to find unity in our country and around the world. A prerequisite to this would the end the Trump Presidency.

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    1. I have a cat, and you’ve given me something to ponder. She might as well earn her keep, right? 😉

      And I’m in perfect agreement on getting rid of trump.


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