Why’d it have to be Owen Wilson?

Friends, I’m 63 years old. Post-menopausal. Almost out to pasture. 😉

Last night though, I had the damnedest dream about a steamy (and I do mean STEAMY) romp with Owen Wilson.

The two of us couldn’t keep our hands off one another. I’m blushing even as I write about it.

The question is “why him?” I mean, he’s adorable and goofy, and a Texan to boot, but I’ve never even entertained a mildly romantic fantasy about Owen, let alone a full-blown x-rated one. Now, Huey Lewis is a totally different, and age appropriate, matter.

The heart of rock and roll is still beating, you know.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

30 thoughts on “Why’d it have to be Owen Wilson?”

      1. Yeah. he is. My younger girl said they watched one of the new ones where Ha gets killed. She said..mum.. he was needing to go . Harrison Ford insists on doing his own stunts and it was bad apparently… Sometimes you just wish these folks would have the sense to leave you with the memory.

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      2. It dawned on my about a decade ago that I loved Han Solo and Indiana Jones and John Book (Witness), but Harrison Ford? Not so much. I know he doesn’t get rave reviews as an actor, but surely it says something good about his abilities that I’ve fallen for several of his characters.


  1. Perhaps the psyche knows what the heart wants. Owen is much cuter anyway. My dream was about me trying to singlehandedly get a four poster bed through our small bedroom window without putting nicks on it. What???

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  2. If I could pick my erotic dream from only those two choices it would definitely be Huey. What on earth makes us dream things like that? About two weeks ago or so I dreamed I was asked by Harry to babysit for Archie. I get that they have been in the news so much lately – hence my dream, but your dream??

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