Today, I wrote 1,853 words in my novel. That’s a really good day for me. I’m still well shy of 60,000 words, but I am going to get it done. Yay!

The biggest accomplishment of the day, though, was that one of my characters said something that made me cry. I mean big tears rolled out of my eyes then down my cheeks and I had to stop and collect myself before continuing with the tale.

I cry fairly easily. It’s not uncommon for me to sob while reading a novel, but until today, I’d been fairly well prepared for anything my own characters might say. It’s not the first time a character has surprised me, but it is the first time the surprise has resulted in tears.

Hoping for more tears tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

18 thoughts on “Accomplishment”

      1. I think just now it is really hard to write and get a decent flow going. And a lot of writers are saying that. And it is because of a lot of things. While we may have more time, it gets taken up. Like I seemed to spend hours yesterday speaking to panicking friends, neighbours one way or another. yesterday it started at 8 30 with a phone call from this woman…my oldest pupil in every sense of the word, in a terrible state over some screamingly stupid article in a paper she should never have read. But her and her man have no family and no-one else to phone. Then t was an email to an old school friend now in Edinburgh cos they were running out of food and she had naively thought you could just order online so it was a huge shock to see 3 weeks wait when there’s bare shelves. I try to keep ahead of all of this re the basics, even down to knowing that you will net through hardly to NHS 21 so if you are ill phone your GP. They will answer. Like yesterday our wee man grandie had a strep throat he often gets –3rd time actually– and my girl was obvi stressing cos he needs antibiotics. So it was good to know to just do that and she got them too, no swab, either cos they know his record. Then it was refereeing a row between my two girls .. Honest that went on and on and on and then when is at down to try to write… well mince was what my brain was. This was all on top of various pertinent worries along the lines of how did I know re that re Gps? Cos my other girl and her hubby had all the symptoms of a certain virus and when her hubby started to get quite not well, he tried phoning the line cos without a referral from that phone line or your Gp you cannot get tested here. After being on hold for 3 hours, I found out you can phone your GP and they answered in minutes. So yeah, testing times indeed in more ways than one. But i did get 500 words and i am aiming for that today.

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      2. First, I hope daughter and hubby are well. Second, that’s a lot of stuff on your shoulders. I hope you’ll get to take some time for yourself. Sending up positive vibes to all of your friends and family members.


  1. It was so fun to be writing something emotional and having that cry along with your characters only to have your kid walk into the room and think you’d lost your ever lovin’ mind.

    Congratulations on your progress!

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  2. Obviously, your character(s) is coming to life before your eyes and ears. I am so impressed, and a little jealous, with your focus and dedication to tell this story. Keep at it. And if you need a reader, I’m your girl.

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    1. Thank you. Some days it feels really good. Other days, not so much. I happen to be reading a novel right now that’s so beautifully written and I know my stuff falls way short of what this writer has created. It’s daunting.


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