Just Any Book Won’t Do

On Facebook a couple of days ago I asked friends what books they loved, but would NOT recommend people read during a pandemic. I started the conversation off with a couple of my personal favorites.

First on my list is The Stand by Stephen King. Every now and then I reread King’s tale of a biological weapon unleashed on an unsuspecting and unprepared world. The weapon, in the form of an awful disease nicknamed “Captain Trips” wipes out all but about 4% of the population worldwide.

Of course, being vintage Stephen King, supernatural forces also come into play. As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough. Every time I’ve read the book I’ve ended up with either an upper respiratory virus or a digestive illness, and become fairly certain that I’ve contracted Captain Trips. I definitely will NOT read it in the near future.

Another book I enjoyed and will at some point reread once we’re past the current crisis is Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Her novel follows several individuals who have survived a rapidly spreading disease and are trying to make their way in a new kind of society. Multiple story lines explore how different characters cope with the initial panic, the decimation of the population, and the aftermath of the pandemic years later. It’s well written, creatively imagined. and thought-provoking. I just can’t read it right now.

There are a few more I could list, but I want your best DON’T READ RIGHT NOW BOOKS. These should be books you really like, but probably would just ramp up anxiety if read right now. And I’m changing my mind even as I write this. Maybe you LIKE to read books that parallel our current situation. I’d like your thoughts, as well. Ready, set, go.

And as always, Peace, people. Stay well.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

21 thoughts on “Just Any Book Won’t Do”

  1. Les, I have your upper respitory virus…had it for 4 months……constant coughing ….guitar , …my reading is cut way down and I miss it

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  2. who’s they ?…..me …salt water gargling, Theraflu, and 20 other over the counter flu and mucus drugs…….sorry mom….this is disgusting

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  3. Oh i don’t know Leslie.. putting books aside every damn think I have chosen for us to watch lately..believe you me…is not the kind of thing to watch right now. There’s been a lot of ‘ Wha chose this? ‘ ten minutes in. So I am staying off the books ok x

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      1. What I mean is I am reading but I am suggesting nowt…..cos you could be three chaps in and think…okay…. Must get the dudes on to do a daft post things to watch in a pandemic and have all the worst things to watch going….

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  4. I would say that my recommendation would fall in more of a maybe category. One, it is urban fantasy so that changes things a bit. Two, it is a full series of 5 books (and a couple extra in the same world), not just one book. Three, while I can absolutely see some parallels, it doesn’t fall in line with a pandemic, but more with overall idiocy of some humans. Still, it definitely has enough parallels that it may be difficult for some right now. This is about the time I normally reread it as new books usually come out around March, but the series is finished and I haven’t reread it yet this year. I’m still probably going to, though. It’s that good as far as I’m concerned. The series, “The Others”, is by Anne Bishop. First book in the series is “Written in Red”.

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  5. So a few months ago I needed some light reading entertainment and I visited my local used paperback store. For me, light reading entertainment usually means terrorists/catastrophe/apocalypse of some sort.

    Aaaaand I got a book called Plague Maker by Tim Downs. It’s about terrorists sticking some kind of biological agent virus into a Fourth of July fireworks display, thus spreading the virus among unwitting Americans.

    Anyway, I have no idea if this book is any good. I never got around to reading it. Now, it’s still sitting on my bookshelf and I can’t bring myself to read it, for obvious reasons. I guess if I ever dare to read this one, I will let you know what I think?

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  6. I’ve struggled mightily with reading in the last couple of weeks. For some reason (anxiety, I suppose), I can’t seem to concentrate on anything longer than a Washington Post or NYT article. I’m jealous of everyone who can get lost in a good novel at the moment. – Marty

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    1. I hear you. I can go for perhaps an hour or so without thinking about COVID, but then I’ll realize how weird things are right now and I freak out a bit. Our son-in-law’s company is cutting his pay in half for April and maybe May. Another worry.


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