The Things We Touch

Door knobs and counter tops,

Paper money and coins,

Credit card scanners and screens,

Gas pump handles, a lover’s face,

Our phones, our eyes, our hair,

Children’s little noses, dogs’ ears,

Cats, when they’ll let us,

Faucets and tables,

Light switches and silverware,

Steering wheels and guitar strings,

The panic button, if we aren’t careful.

Sculpture in Venice tackles the topic of climate change

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

17 thoughts on “The Things We Touch”

      1. Am I hell. And I am saying Leslie with shit lungs. Businesses here, small ones have been wiped in a matter of days over this. And whatever the raving about compensation I don’t see for the self employed. been self employed long enough to know. Your basics, like plumbers, joiners, roofers, builders are the ones I am talking about. And there’s something like 2 cases over this vast area. And still the media screams.

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      2. It’s awful for the self-employed and small businesses. Lots of people’s livelihoods are going to disappear. “Instant Poverty” is the term I’m hearing. And many of our people have no health insurance.


      3. I know that. it is shocking all thta is going on. Also we do two days a week minding our grandies. anyway, one way or another, we can’t do more yes the two mums are now working from home but that means working. All very well for the muppet in charge of this country to make noises about how the grandparents are not to be used this way. So what are your family meant to do when they are being asked to work from home and schools are closed. Already one of my girls forks out a fortune for the two days we just can’t help. She can’t fork out any more and that is providing the nursery stays open. Oh the nursery is to be paid even if shut. GET that. BY the government.And it will be charging the parents too. Also a number of these grandparents here are women who need to work cos that same government took away their state pensions. So they can’t offer more than they do. Beyond belief.

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      4. Oh, this is all staggering. I don’t know how we’ll keep doing this through July, as some are saying. Especially here in the US I think people who hadn’t previously been fans of a government backed medical system might be thinking differently. Too many people have no way of paying medical bills, and they’re going to be tremendous.

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      5. Yeah, it is quietly beyond staggering what goes on here in many ways. And they can lock me down all they like, I wills till be minding my two babbas these two days to help my girls as I always do. That was another thing re this over 70 lockdown..thank god the Scottish gov had a wee bit more sense. There’s a ton of over 70s women take wee ones to school and collect them. Obvi now the schools are shut but I just thought do any of these fools in parliament understand anything of how people live in this country?

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