Ferris Bueller’s Three Weeks Off

A friend posted this on Facebook, and as a former teacher of fourth graders, I thought it was absolutely true and hilarious. If we can’t laugh right now, we’ll go crazy.

Peace, and stay healthy, friends.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

20 thoughts on “Ferris Bueller’s Three Weeks Off”

      1. Just insane. Panic buying, supermarkets running done despite all the assurances this would not happen. Idiot decrees, total hysteria in the media, country being run by imbeciles and children quite frankly . Will i go on? Or will i just I am yet to speak to a single person, bar one, who is fearfully precious and aye was, absolute bloody fusspot about everything, who feels otherwise or is panicked by this virus. The fear and hysteria yep but not the virus.

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      2. So far in my area everybody’s fairly calm. The stores still have plenty—except for toilet paper and hand sanitizer. My daughter heard a rumor that the ugly orange man in Washington is about declare martial law, so that will start the havoc.

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      3. Then he can do what he likes Leslie. here we have shelves swiped of dried pasta flour, loo rolls and revolting processed foods. Fortunately our big side by side freezer is aye well stocked and i make a little go along long way.

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