Not a Rhetorical Question

How did I get here? In search of an estate sale in north Tallahassee, I missed a turn and ended up on a narrow dirt road in my effort to find the way back. My gps has a weird sense of humor sometimes.

It was a pretty shortcut; although, the track grew a bit too narrow in places for my liking.

Where I’m Going
Where I’d Been

And my little Chrysler really isn’t an off-road vehicle. A couple of times I wondered about turning around and going back the way I’d come, but there wasn’t an opportunity to do so.

After all my travails in the wilderness, the estate sale was disappointing. It’s as if I’d been lost on the Oregon Trail and there was no gold when I reached California. At least no one died of dysentery.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

17 thoughts on “Not a Rhetorical Question”

      1. Look on the bright side. GHPS and Sat Nav have their moments. I mind once my older girl phoned a taxi to our last house. It was at the time where we were under severe weather conditions and as good as snowed in. Anyway it duly arrived. it was the female driver’s first night on the job and the sat nav guided her down this road that is indeed marked on the map but it is not a road and no-one actually lives in it . But in the snow she couldn’t see that it was a heap of old concrete blocks etc, dead-ending in a lampost. Neither could the sat nav, cos it told her to then turn into the lane at the front of where we lived, except that wasn’t a lane you could get a car along. It required a tow truck and crane to get her out of there…The taxi was wrekced.

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      2. Ours took us into a field when I was due to play at my friend’s son’s first wedding. I could see the hotel and all but as I said to the Mr. if you think I am climbing that fence there with the keyboard you can think again.

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