Christmas, Christmas Everywhere

I needed some holiday inspiration yesterday, but where to go? Since a doctor’s appointment took me near Esposito’s, a local Tallahassee garden shop, I thought it might be a source of Christmas decorating ideas. Let me tell you, when I’m right, I’m so right.

We’ve lived in the Tallahassee area for six years now, and I’ve been in Esposito’s at least a dozen times. But never in December. I had no idea what I’ve been missing.

I’d best let you know that I’m not being compensated by Esposito’s for this or any other blog posts. I just wanted to share a cool place with my local readers. So, without further ado, and very few words, I give you Esposito’s Christmas shop.

Now, the cutest thing I encountered wasn’t a decorated tree or a gilded ornament.

It was an adorable cat who’d snuggled into a stack of tree skirts. She allowed me to pet her before giving me a look that indicated I should move on and leave her to her nap.

The Christmas village was pretty spectacular, too, but it didn’t purr.

I found a couple of things to purchase, but because they’re potential gifts for family members I won’t share the photos here. There was a piece that I think was made for me, though. Maybe someone will put it in my stocking.

It’s the third sign from the top. Tailor made for me.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

22 thoughts on “Christmas, Christmas Everywhere”

  1. I love garden shops decorated for Christmas! We have a few really close by. Over the years I have gotten so much inspiration for various themes or color schemes. I have no room to store this type of stuff anymore so I have been sadly avoiding any visits because I’m always too tempted to fill my small space.
    And best of all, a store kitty! Any place that has a store kitty or two is the best in my opinion 🙂

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  2. Oh!!! The NUTCRACKERS!!! I need them all! If we had a place like this around us my Hubby would never, ever hurt for finding my yearly nutcracker. It is also probably good we don’t have a place like this around us or I’d be flat broke and I’d own all of said nutcrackers in one year.

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    1. When we lived in Illinois the family across the street became good friends. They have six children, 3 boys, 3 girls, all of whom are accomplished dancers and danced many of the roles in the Champaign Ballet production of the Nutcracker over the years. They had such a collection of nutcrackers displayed in their home year ‘round. Jaw dropping. 😉

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      1. I’ve been collecting them since I was 16, the year I saw the Nutcracker performed for the first time. I think my total count is now up to something like 45. I only bring mine out for the holidays, but I have a couple I’d be tempted to keep out year round.

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  3. We love going to Tallahassee but it’s crazy to drive 3 hours just to shop at Trader Joe’s! But we always go to the Tallahassee Nursery. I’m sure it has another name but it is right by the Dorothy B Oven Gardens. It’s a great place to shop, but I do leave my credit card in the car. This place could do a lot of damage too, I can tell!

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    1. Oh, Lois, I know what you mean about Tallahassee Nursery (that’s it’s only name as far as I know.) It’s a wonderful place. They have sip and stroll events in the summer that are wonderful. Buy a glass of wine and wander around while listening to local musicians.

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