Open. Closed. Open.

Who am I to question the way a door is opened?

Push. Pull. Lift latch. Turn knob. “Abracadabra”

So what if I choose incorrectly at least half of the time?

Enter. Exit. Round and round.

When last we talked I caught a glimmer of remorse. Maybe you would choose a different door this time, or maybe find a new way to open it.

We were friends once. Invisible doors were slammed. I lost a figurative finger.

All I’m saying, is I’ll help you open that door again. We can lean against it together.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

16 thoughts on “Open. Closed. Open.”

  1. There was one in Switzerland that stated in 4 languages not to touch it. If you touched it the revolving would stop. I am still confused by this.

    But I don’t understand this post. You lost a friend in an argument and the figurative door is closed but you want to open it again?

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  2. I’ve opened and closed doors with both friends and family over the years, and still have moments where I ponder another attempt to open wide. Luck hasn’t been on my side though, and most of the time I find the door stays closed for a reason…

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    1. I have two younger brothers that I adore. The youngest one, though, has a wife who I cannot stand. She lies when the truth would serve her better. And she’s a trump fan. I don’t want the door to open, but my brother is very dear to me. It’s tough.

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  3. My daughter spent a full five minutes almost wetting herself laughing after my inability to use a revolving door became apparent. Normal ones I can get but the ones where you aren’t allowed to push as they automatically stop – well hysterical.

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