Late to the Party

Let’s talk for a minute about Netflix. Or rather, my lack of Netflix. Studly Doright and I had firmly fought the lure of the popular streaming service even though it seemed that everyone in the known universe subscribed to it.

“Are you watching Stranger Things?” they’d ask, or “Can you believe what happened on the latest episode of Orange is the New Black?”

And my answer was always an almost smug, “We don’t do Netflix.” As if it were a badge of honor to have resisted, when the truth was, we really weren’t sure how it all worked. Besides, we paid for DirectTV. Surely that was enough!

Then Studly came in from work one evening and immediately told me about a Netflix series a co-worker had recommended to him.

“I think it’s time we bit the bullet and figured out how this works,” Studly said.

I’d love to tell you that I took the high road and questioned the need for a streaming service when we already have satellite tv with more channels than we’ll ever be able to monitor in this lifetime, but I grinned the grin of a little kid at Christmas. I might’ve clapped my hands and performed a happy dance, but it’s all a blur to me now.

So last week, we delved into Netflix with the series MindHunter–the show recommended by Studly’s colleague. Holy cow, is it good.

The series follows a task force of FBI agents as they mold the bureau’s fledgling Behavioral Science Unit. This is the unit whose members coined the term serial killer, and developed the practice of profiling through prison interviews with the likes of David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) and Charles Manson. The interviews, based on actual events, are fascinating.

We’re already well into the second season, and I’m now the one asking people if they’re watching Netflix. I might be late to the party, but I’m gonna dance like it doesn’t matter.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

51 thoughts on “Late to the Party”

  1. Amazon has terrific series shows also…….I love sitting down in my boxers with a blanket in my fat boy chair , drinking a hot drink , and binging on shows….no commercials. Regular tv is just dominated by commercials with 6 minutes of the show……..waiting for winter for the fireplace….crackling entertainment

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  2. Welcome! You will love Netflix. They have some fabulous shows and So doesAmazon Prime. Streaming has helped me immensely as I now fight cancer. It’s the ultimate escape for me. BTW if you like mysteries try Miss Fisher’s murder Mysteries. It’s fabulous and since you enjoy vintage shopping you’ll love the vintage clothing from the 1920’s they show on that series.
    A few years back I was in a car accident and was in a wheelchair for a few months. I was bored to tears. So I got Netflix. It helped pass the time. I got hooked on Doctor Who, Midsummer Mysteries, Poirot etc. it does serve a purpose.
    If you read the book “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” the movie is on Netflix too.

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    1. Thanks for the recommendations! When I was going through treatment for early stage breast cancer I discovered Guitar Hero, and I became fairly proficiently at it. It’s wonderful to find a distraction when one’s world is crazy. Sending good vibes to you!


  3. I did Netflix for awhile, then let it go. It’s rather sporadic in options for my taste and apparently I am really a cheapskate so have a hard time justifying paying for a service I may or may not use. Sort of the same for Amazon with Prime. When they raised the price for a membership I revolted.

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  4. We dropped cable about two or three years ago and now have Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix and that’s about all the TV anyone needs. Well, wait – I did finally get CBS so I can watch Star Trek Discovery. It’s well worth it and still less than we were paying for Cable. Handmaids’ Tale makes Hulu well worth it.

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  5. The last time my TV was on it was because there was a nasty storm coming and we were watching the weather. As it is right now, our cable box is on the fritz, not working at all and hasn’t for months, but we haven’t made the effort to get it replaced. I am so not cool, I know, but… I just don’t watch TV anymore. Hubby and I used to, but we both just kind of got tired of trying to keep up with the shows. That and if I started watching anything, I’d not get even half the reading done that I want.

    We did ask the kids if they wanted it and they insisted that they were perfectly content with their computers and YouTube. *sigh* We are a house full of not cool misfits.

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      1. About the only time the TV goes on around here outside of weather is when we decide to have a movie night. Even that is only a few times a year. There are shows I’ve seen advertised that I know I’d probably really enjoy, I just can’t seem to want to give into the time sink required to actually sit down and watch.

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  6. We joined the streaming club, but I guess we went in a different direction: Acorn TV. We love the British shows, plus it’s very affordable (approx $60 a year). But I know we’re missing quite a bit b/c Netflix admittedly has the sexier shows. I’m just really cheap; what I can’t get on either Acorn or Prime, I try to borrow from the library. – Marty

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      1. My nephew stayed with us last year and got frustrated with us when he watched me still loading DVD’s. After he got back home, he mailed us a gift of Apple TV so that we could finally stream. But then… instead of Netflix or Hulu as he suggested, we got Acorn. We could hear is cry of frustration from California all the way from here. He replied simply, “Okay, whatever. Enjoy.” 🙂

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