Snapshot #271

I’m calling this one, “Accidental Fashion Statement.”

I didn’t realize I’d worn two completely different earrings to the grocery store and to brunch until I took them off when I returned home to Doright Manor. Sheesh.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

37 thoughts on “Snapshot #271”

      1. I think it is kinda awesome. Maybe this will spark a new thing for you. The Earring Bowl of the Unknown. Just randomly select two and let them set your attitude for the day.

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      2. The different colored socks is apparently a Thing. I see it all the time with the girls at BG;s dance. It would drive BG up a wall if she didn’t match.

        If you think about the earring thing… how interesting would it be, especially if they were noticeably different in feel, to have that little reminder when you moved to do something different or to step out of your comfort zone. It would be subtle and like this little secret with yourself. Every time someone would ask, you’d have this sly little smile because only you would really know why. Yeah, okay… this has really sparked some fun thoughts and is really encouraging me to go and get mine redone as they stubborn things have closed up to the point I can’t get earrings in anymore.

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      3. 😊 I have to wear earrings! I wear my hair really short, and I feel like I look like a boy without them. I like your idea. Maybe I’ll find some more esthetically pleasing combinations, though. When I was a college student my arts methods instructor had multiple piercings in each ear and she wore a variety of non-matching, yet interesting and artsy earrings.

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      4. I love jewelry and earring especially. I have done some silversmithing in the past and have several pairs I made that I adore, but are HEAVY. Since I’m nearly always at home, I don’t have very many times I get to wear them and I think the last several times, the weight must have irritated the one and caused it to end up growing closed. I was never able to get another one in that ear, so I couldn’t wear earrings for a while. Now I think my other one has closed, which is really odd as I’ve had my ears pierced since I was around 12 and never had an issue. I dread the thought of getting them repierced. At one time I had a double piercing, but ended up having one tear and I had to let it close, so similar situation (but obvious at the time).

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  1. Trend setter. 😉😂

    I once wore a lovely dress, styled my hair, put on jewelery, then wrangled a toddler and preschooler into the van. There may or may not have been yelling. At the destination parking lot I got out of the van, looked down and noticed I was wearing my neon pink crocks. And by crocks I mean the cheap dollar store ones, the knockoffs. Which were dirty and ripped in several places. Ugh. 😀

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  2. See, you are channeling your friend, even when you don’t set out to do so!
    In other news, I believe it was you that saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and wrote about it??
    Daughter and I just saw it and it was great. I purposefully did not read anything about it other than what you wrote and checked out the cast. I honestly wasn’t getting any idea of where the connection was going at first, at least not until Cliff (Brad) finally managed to get the hippie chick into the car. Things began to be clearer but the ending was still unexpected! Great way to spend at hot Labor Day afternoon. Thanks for the heads up!

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