There’s a Message Here

Sunday morning Studly left to play golf around six. I kissed him goodbye, read a bit of my book and then dozed off. When my alarm awakened me at eight I was in the middle of a crazy, yet important dream.

In the dream I was at the Women’s Imaging Center in Tallahassee awaiting my turn to have my annual mammogram. I already had my gown on, and when my name was called I followed a nurse back to the procedure room. Only this year, the room was huge and filled with pink plastic picnic tables.

I asked what had happened to the standard room and was told, “This is the more humane method for conducting a mammogram. Take a seat at the first table and we’ll be with you momentarily.”

While I waited people came and went. A tour group of children with their teachers made a pass through the area. Several folks in medical scrubs walked by me, and I asked every one if they were there to perform my mammogram. They all looked at me like I was crazy.

Finally a man approached me and said I’d accidentally been sent to the wrong area. He pointed me to a shed at the far end of the picnic tables. Dutifully I trudged between the tables, trying in vain to hold my skimpy robe together.

When I arrived I discovered the shed was a store filled with feed for farm animals, with several such animals coming and going. There was a Holstein cow, and a chicken or two, and a Shetland pony inside the store. But in the back was a small room with the appropriate equipment and a nice technician to put my “girls” through their paces. Then the alarm woke me.

So, what’s the message here? Several years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer that was detected early thanks to a mammogram. This simple procedure very well could’ve saved my life. So do it. Even if picnic tables and cows are involved.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

34 thoughts on “There’s a Message Here”

  1. Um….uh….ummm?

    Funny dream! Important message.

    I had one done a couple of weeks ago, second one in 5 years. Was told to come back next day for a retest on the right side which took no less than 6 times. Ugh. She said it was my deodorant. I said I didn’t have any on (I read the pamphlet and followed the instructions). ??

    They told me to come back in 6 months.

    Didn’t see a single farm animal though… 😂😀

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    1. The farm animals might be hiding….I know I had this dream because I’m scheduled to have my mammogram on Wednesday of this week. Curious to see if the imaging center has installed picnic tables.

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  2. You know… this really doesn’t encourage me to go do what I know I need to do, right? You really should have told me there were puppies and kittens and coffee or something. And that cartoon!! Ugh! I will NEVER get that image out of my head.

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      1. I know I’m way past the point where I needed to have gotten my first one, but I just cannot get my head to agree it’s a good idea to go and intentionally smash the hell of myself. It is one of those utterly irrational fears and I really need to get over it and go. Maybe now that I’ve found a doctor I’m a lot more comfortable with, I’ll actually do that.

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      2. Please do it. A mammogram caught my cancer early enough that I only had to have radiation treatments, but I’ve known women who weren’t so fortunate. Just do it. I’m tallish, and I have rather large breasts. The worst part for me is when I get a short person doing the mammogram. It’s all over in a couple of minutes regardless.

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      3. My daughter is that way. She nearly gets sick if she has to go on one. I’m an anti-elevator and anti-plane person. Shockingly, I have several phobias. *sigh*

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      4. I don’t have much of a problem with a floor or two on elevators, but if it is more than that, I tend to come really close to panicking, especially if it isn’t a smooth ride.

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      1. I don’t know what it is about some smokers. I’ve been around a variety of them over the years. Some wear it like a cologne and others, I’m not certain I’d even know they were a smoker if I didn’t see them actually smoking. I JUST got home after running an errand. I was in the car, windows shut, air on and it suddenly smelled like there was someone IN my car smoking next to me. Look over and it was the car next to me and it somehow managed to get into my air system. It was just weird.

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