Manipulating Space

What if I had a super power? Not a grand power, such as flying or being bullet proof or extra strong, but a discrete power. I’m thinking specifically of being able to manipulate space. No, not outer space, but the space immediately surrounding me.

For example, let’s say I’m driving in the third lane of a four lane interstate in Dallas, Texas, when I realize the traffic to my right is being forced to merge into my lane due to road construction. I’m about to be smushed between a car on my left and an 18-wheeler on my right. There are cars directly in front of me and behind me, and I have nowhere to go. I’m talking about an imminent collision.

Mentally, I shrink, both myself and my vehicle. Physically I pull my shoulders in closer to my body and visualize my car doing the same–well, except the car doesn’t have shoulders. Somehow it works. I come out of the situation unscathed, and I go about my day. I drive to my destination and have a nice dinner with my son and his family.

Only after I’m in bed that night do I start shaking. What in hell happened that afternoon? Honestly, I should be in the hospital, heck, maybe in the morgue. My car should be a total wreck. Instead, I get up, pour myself a glass of wine and finally calm down so I can sleep.

Now, what if I told you this happened to me several months ago? Would you think I was crazy? Or, would you think maybe, just maybe, that I have a bit of spatial magic as my super power? Okay, I’m pretty sure there’s a logical explanation for what happened, but it’s kind of fun to imagine me having this one very discrete ability.

Have you ever experienced anything similar? Something that, after it happened you thought, “WTH!?” Discuss. And don’t call the men in white coats to take me away–unless of course they’re employed by an exclusive spa and you’ve booked me a month-long stay.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

20 thoughts on “Manipulating Space”

  1. Far be it from me to say what is real or not real I’m the girl who hates to go to sleep because people who have payed on come to me in dreams. As far as I’m concerned anything is possible. As far as a super power, I’d like to be able to heal . With a touch or a thought.

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    1. I’m a fairly no nonsense person, not given to believing any supernatural stuff; however, I do get occasional visits with my deceased family members in my dreams. Those visits are always lovely and I look forward to them.

      This experience was just weird. One minute I was sure I was going to be hit, and the next moment I had more than enough room to get out of the truck’s way. I’m sure that the person on my right must’ve been able to slow down enough to let me have some space, but at the time it all felt kind of magical.


  2. I hate driving by huge semi-trucks, even when there is room. I always assume they have no idea that I’m there and I find the fastest way to get myself away from them. With that said, magical power may have been involved or the shock of the whole impending disaster caused your mind to block out the horrid details of doom and create a less final ending as you and that other driver managed to gently merge in a sane way.

    My super power would be something obvious to others because flying would be my choice and I would use it all the time!

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    1. I’ve wondered if I blocked it all out. Who knows! And I’ve thought about flying—but it always looks like it’d put a strain on one’s neck. Maybe I’d have a super strong neck to go with the ability to fly.

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  3. Yes. I have had that happen to me. Often wonder if in extreme shock’ conditions the mind has this ability. After all we only know a tiny bit about the brain and what it is capable of. I’ve read stuff about how way way back, like caveman times, people didn’t speak because they didn’t have to. They could still communicate perfectly.

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  4. You’re not alone and you’re NOT bonkers. I think there’s all sorts go on that way. Hell, it is either that, or you were hit and this is like Vanilla Sky but then you wouldn’t be talking to me about it. x

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      1. Yeah.. I aye say the day we came to view our present house.. and I was gutted to leave our last one.. ANyway, I reckon we got hit by a car cos everything has just been perfect since you know. And it is like this house was waiting for us. I mean I went round that day and yeah it was a heap but I just ticked boxes in terms of ..oh it has this. Oh.. But even all the things we have in our lives, I reckon I am a spirit….. LOL xxx

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  5. As someone who still thinks about slights and putdowns that happened in Junior High, yeah, I totally get that you’d think about something like that later. I think at the time we’re conditioned to be defensive. But later it does come back to haunt us. Glad you avoided catastrophe. – Marty

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  6. The only “similar” thing I’ve had happen is when I was in high school, I used to go to bed early on Thursday nights and I swear I would dream about the tests I was going to have Friday – answers and everything. I’d ace the tests and thought that I must really be in-tune. It doesn’t work anymore, and there wasn’t a lottery back then. As far as powers I’d like? I would love to be able to make people’s cell phones go dead immediately. So while I’m driving and I see the guy next to me playing on his phone and not paying attention, I could just glance at his phone and it would die. Yeah, I could get used to that.

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  7. Had a similar event happen on a trip a few years ago. Except ours was the center wall and a semi. I still don’t know how we pulled that one off. It was especially fun as it was a school club event and we had the teacher/coach riding with us.

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