She Said She Shed

I was investigating an estate sale in mid-town Tallahassee, on Friday morning, and while I didn’t purchase anything, I fell in love with this backyard potting shed. As soon as Studly Doright returned home I showed him this photo and told him I thought I needed a she shed of my own.

“But you don’t garden!” he said.

“Well, I might if I had a nifty she shed,” I replied. “Or maybe I’d use it as my writing nook. Who knows, maybe the next great American novel could be written in such a shed.”

“Oh, you’re planning on letting someone else use it then,” he said.

I’d have hit him with my gardening shears if I’d had any.

But, can we agree it’s a lovely she shed?

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

24 thoughts on “She Said She Shed”

  1. Yes, it’s a fantastic shed. We had a neighbor put in new windows and threw a ton of these out and I grabbed them all up for the same purpose. I never saw a good example like this one. The one I wanted was that greenhouse in the movie “The Hand that Rocked the Cradle” That was one awesome greenhouse. We ended up making art out of some of these and giving some away for the same purpose. I bought my wife a greenhouse from Harbor Freight for her birthday a few years ago and while it took me a whole year to get it in place, it really turned out just right. With the right windows, a shed like this one would be really cool.

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      1. Yeah. Just you paint a picture of the happy times he could have sat there inside or out a nice beer in his hand while there’s you plotting. This is an every home should have one place. .

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  2. That is so pretty! I can absolutely see it being a gorgeous writing nook surrounded by plants and flowers! Who wouldn’t be able to write in an environment like that? Okay, maybe someone with allergies, but…

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  3. If I were re-doing my Lady Cottage, I’d put in more and bigger windows. I love it, but the views would be so much nicer, and I could better use it as a studio for painting as well.

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