7 thoughts on “Snapshot #256”

  1. Oh Leslie my darling… you should see mine. I have bunions. They are hereditary. I was born with them and they are now so shocking no-one gets to see them. I won’t even try on shoes in a shoe shop unless it is an empty one… . Anyway today taking the older grandie to his swimming class alas I had to remove my shoes. As we stood about waiting for him to go in the pool and I tried to appear none too troubled about those who might clock my feet and faint, alas, the very one I did not want to notice them did. Him in other words. So to forestall him I said, ‘Before you start yes Nena’s feet are awful, she was born with them like that okay so and she never let’s anyone see them… .’ You could see the kid was like WHAT? Seriously???? So I nodded. ‘You were born with them like that?’ he asked. I nodded again. ‘Yep.’ And you better believe it, this kid is a player at 5 years old. but he is also really kind and as I stood sweating, he went, ‘Well, they are lovely… I like them. ‘ and smiled. So if mine are lovely dinnae you worry about yours xxx

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    1. Thank you! I’ll try to remember I have feet! I couldn’t get along without my flip flops. These are special ones that support my middle metatarsals. Regular sandals hurt my feet.

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